Drug Crimes In Mexico Essay Research Paper

Drug Crimes In Mexico Essay, Research Paper

Drug Crimes in Mexico

Mexico has been in a ware for a long time. No, they re not fighting another nation but their own people. They re fighting a crime on drugs and drug related crimes. There has been increased drug arrests and now more drug smuggling into the United States. This has been a huge problem for both countries and is being paid more attention to now that it is putting a strain on both economies. The seizures of marijuana, heroin, opium poppies and cocaine have all increased greatly in the past five years which is good in one way but bad in another way. The good thing is the governments are making more arrests which should stop drug trafficking. It is bad in a way that more illicit drugs are being produced and transported. All of these things are trying to be reduced in a great number.

Mexico isn t the greatest place to live. Sure it s got great weather and excitement but that doesn t even come close to al the problems it s got. Mexico has many citizens which have very little money or none at all. These people live on the streets, making a living by selling things roadside or committing crimes. Most cultivate or sell drugs to make a living. They have no other choices. This is why drug production is higher. The people are polite by selling home made goods to bootleg accessories. These are sometimes good for tourist who look for homemade goods they can bring home but it also causes crowded streets and more crimes.

Tensions all began back in the early sixties when drug use was on the rise and people were fighting for rights. Mexicans have been pretty peaceful in the post years. We haven t had many problems with them.. The only major problems are drug trafficking and Mexicans defecting to the United States. Drug use has risen greatly among most countries and has created drug related crimes along the way. Ever since production of major drugs has been on the rise, more arrested, and more were being made.

The government of Mexico has been pretty much stable. They haven t had too many problems with other nations and kept to themselves. They aren t a stable government because they have many corrupt officials who are also in the drug game. They also have people living on the streets and others who are hiding in Mexico. They aren t as strict as the US because many criminals go to Mexico because they can relax while hiding. The government has not enforced anything to keep crime low and drugs down. They simply try to persuade their nation it s bad and they shouldn t do it anymore.

The drug use has caused many crimes to be committed while under the influence. It has also caused more guns to be smuggled from the United States to Mexico. 80% of all firearms confiscated are originally from the United States. Mexicans are also influenced greatly by others. It a poor man sees another start to get money by dealing drugs, he will quickly try to do the same.

This is an ongoing problem everywhere in Mexico. The ware on drugs is still on but not doing much to save its country. Drug trafficking is still rising because the lack of officials who are willing to make a difference.

The reason I chose this country is because the topic interests me and it is the country with one of the biggest drug problems. Mexico is not trying at all to cure the problem and this bothers me because it spread to the United States.

I learned that drugs cause crimes. These crimes affect everyone and causes stress on the whole country. This changes my views on drugs because they cause huge problems and sometimes death.


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