Adversary Welcomes Prosperity Essay Research Paper Can

Adversary Welcomes Prosperity Essay, Research Paper

Can you imagine what it would feel like if your mind was unable to concentrate onsomething for more than five minutes? Now think about if you were fidgety,inattentive, and spontaneously hyper. These are all characteristics of AttentionDeficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD. ADHD is a brain based neurologicaldisorder where the person afflicted is not in sync with their surroundings. Though it can be difficult to identify children with ADHD, and even harder toteach them, it can be done. As mentioned above, diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder isdifficult, at best. It is often mistaken for other disorders which have symptomsrelated to those of ADHD. Early signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disordercan be identified by: poor school performance where the child is obviously trying,difficulty following instructions and listening, hyperactivity demonstrated by ageseven, and difficulty in social situations with his or her peers. Once tested, a childwill be referred to a psychiatrist. From this point on, it is up to the parent orteacher to educate themselves on the disorder and also to be prepared to alter yourcommunication skills. Teaching students with ADHD can be very frustrating. In structured class room environments, individuals with ADHD are unpredictable, impulsive, full ofenergy, and intolerant of boredom. As a result of their behavior, the teachers at tention is often devoted to making the child pay attention. Therefore, the rest ofthe children are missing out on their learning time. The teachers should also try to

create a corner of the room to allow children to calm down once they becomefrustrated. These space can have very soft lighting, pillows, soft blankets, and headsets with classical music to allow the child ten to fifteen minutes of time torelax safely. Teachers can also help out of the classroom. They can suggest to theADHD child or parents extra curricular activities such as Scouts, sports, music,and art classes that will encourage work in areas that the child excels in . There are many things that can be done to make teaching a child withADHD easier on both the teacher and student. For instance, a teacher can provideregularly scheduled breaks that let students exercise in place to remove tension orstress that may be building. Teachers can also try calling a student s name beforeasking him a question. This allows the child to somewhat visualizes the teacherrather than only hearing the words. Visualization techniques appeal to manysenses by allowing the child to not only hear the question asked, but also to focuson the picture or object. Teachers can make a big difference in the lives of ADHDstudents if they highlight their strengths. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a brain based neurologicaldisorder where the person afflicted is not in sync with their surroundings. Though it can be difficult to identify and teach children who have ADHD, It canbe done. Through careful planning, there are endless possibilities to deal withADHD children. Together both the teacher and the student can teach each othernew opportunities. If we did not sometimes taste of adversary, prosperity wouldnot be so welcome. –Anne Bradstreet


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