A Comparison Of Arthur Becomes King And

David And Goliath Essay, Research Paper

A Comparison of Arthur Becomes King and David and Goliath

Two of the most renowned leaders of all time, King Arthur and King David, have

emerged from very humble beginnings. David and Goliath, written by Samuel, is a bible story

about a young boy defeating a huge Philistine soldier by fighting in the name of God. Arthur

Becomes King, written by T. H. White, is a story about a young squire becoming the rightful

king of England by pulling the sword from the stone. Arthur Becomes King and David and

Goliath, stories about an unlikely person turning out to be someone very special, have many

similarities and differences.

David and Goliath and Arthur Becomes King are alike in many ways. They both

take place in a wild site torn by war. Both David and Arthur are subordinate to their older

brothers. When David goes to the battlefield to consult Eliab, his oldest brother, Eliab becomes

angry with him and tells him to go home to his sheep (David watches the family’s sheep). When

Sir Kay realizes that he has forgotten his sword, he refers to Arthur as a squire and orders him

to retrieve it. David and Arthur both become heroes while running an errand. David is taking

food to his brothers by order of Jesse, his father. When the brothers tell David of Goliath,

David immediately says that he will fight him. A desperate King Saul learns of this and prepares

David for battle. Arthur is trying to find a sword for Sir Kay. When they become heroes, both

David and Arthur save an entire population. By defeating Goliath, David saves all of the

Israelites from the Philistines. By coming to power, Arthur saves a kingless England. Both

stories have someone who is jealous of the rightful king. Saul tries to kill David in order to

prevent him from becoming king; Sir Kay tries to tell his father that he is the one who pulled out

the sword. Both David and Arthur stand for something. David fights in the name of God, and

Arthur has a strong belief in using Might for Right. Eventually, Both David and Arthur become

two of the most famous kings of all time.

David and Goliath and Arthur Becomes King are also different. The story of David

and Goliath has actually taken place; Arthur Becomes King is mostly fictional. David fights

and kills Goliath to become a hero, while Arthur becomes a hero by pulling the sword from the

stone. David is more determined than Arthur. David volunteers to fight Goliath despite all of the

warnings and put-downs he receives. When Sir Ector acknowledges Arthur as King, Arthur

feels so sorrowful that he bursts into tears.

David and Arthur conquer enormous odds to become heroes. Although there are many

similarities and differences in David and Goliath and Arthur Becomes King, both stories are

about an unlikely person turning out to be someone very special.


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