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Caroline B. Cooney C/O Scholastic Inc.555 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Dear Caroline B. Cooney,

Caroline, I think you are a very good writer. I have just read your book, “Night School”. I think it’s a very good book and I have some things to tell you about that book that I have read. I really like the plot, and the settings. I like the characters you put in there. Especially the main character, “Mariah”, because she is a very bright, open minded 15 year old kid that is in there. I think Mariah is the kind of person that can solve things really fast, like if she gets in trouble, she knows what to do really fast. I think you are very good at creating that character. Throughout the book that I have read, about Mariah joining that night school class that was posted in the bulletin board was very chilling and it captures our minds to the book. It was very good when Mariah was trying to defend herself when the teacher of night school was trying to hypnotize the class into little monsters. And how Mariah was trying to warn everyone about the night school class and careful about the kids that are in it, because they can harm all the people around. And I think you are very creative about how Mariah tried to change the kids back to normal people when she stole the teacher’s spell book. Risking her life and all that because the teacher is so powerful if she found out she was doing this she can kill her. What amazed me the most was that Mariah was trying to even change the night school teacher into a normal person and not be evil. So I think all of that is very good.

Throughout the book I have read, I think it was outstanding, but you still had some things that were left out or it was not very clear. Most of the things that was not very clear about or left out was just because you didn’t put enough details in it. Like, the start of night school, wouldn’t the principal find out the teacher of night school was bad? And the name of the teacher of night school, you left that out. How was Mariah’s family is like, because I want to know about her family since I think she is such elegant person. I think you must correct all of these left out details. Or when you write your next book you should put in the details, don’t leave it out. Ever since the beginning of the book it made me want to continue because it’s really catching to your mind. Right when she wanted to take the night school or when she saw the announcement on the bulletin board it made me want to continue reading until I end the book. It made me felt that way because I want to know what is next and because it’s really exciting after that part.

The middle part of the book really made me want to continue because at that part it got even more exciting, the farther you read the more exciting it gets. When Mariah was going to steal the spell book from the teacher I just got hooked on the book, at that part I knew I wasn’t going to stop. I’m the kind of person that just want to keep on finding out what goes next in the book, what is going to happen. The ending is what made me kept on reading and going forever in the book. Because it got really exciting when Mariah tries to change the kids in the class back to normal people so she can explain to them what the teacher was trying to do to them so they can avoid it. And then after that her and the kids all together would try to cast a spell to the teacher so she won’t be evil and bad. Then teacher turned back to a nice person that is not evil or a witch and now teaching as a history teacher, that really catches people’s minds. So the ending part was incredibly exciting to me. I think the plot of this book is partially believing and most parts of this book is just a story about a witch teaching kids terrible bad things and is what this book is about. So there’s nothing bad about that. But I still think that you should put in the details to make it more believable.

The characters are believable, just only the main character, Mariah, because she is the only one that wasn’t hypnotized or has been cast a spell on. So she is more believing than the other kids in the class that was been hypnotized or been cast a spell on be the teacher. As much as I know, I don’t really believe in those kinds of things about hypnotizing and spells or witches or others things like that. Mariah is a very attractive person because of how she is and how she can do risking things and have such a good heart saving the kids and turning the teacher back to a normal human being. She should be a good hero. Overall about the book, I really liked it. It has a very good plot and it attracts people’s minds. A lot of people are going to love this book. From a 1 to 10 scale about your book, I’d give you a 7 because you left out some details and the book was partially believing because the other things in the book was about witches and spells. But what I like most about the book is that it makes you want to continue reading like you can’t stop. And how it is exciting at every new point. I especially like the main character and I really look forward into your next book. When it comes out I will read it and maybe give you an evaluation of it! Once again I think you are a very good writer and you should keep on writing.


(your name)


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