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Othello Interpitive Journal 2 Essay Research Paper

Othello Interpitive Journal 2 Essay, Research Paper

OTHELLO INTERPITIVE JOURNAL 2In act two Othello and others arrive in Cyprus. Iago is still plottingagainst Othello while he tries to ruin Othello s life. He is using othercharters to get to Othello. Othello is a very courageous, kind andadmirable General. However his kindness is gradually leading him intodestruction and confusion. Othello is a man who can take control in any situation. Even if the oddsare against him, Othello is a respectful man in any situation. Othellohas just reunited with Desdemona as “profits yet to come tween” (2.3.12)them before they separate again. Othello is telling Desdemona that eventhe profits will not come between them. Othello will concur the profits tostay with Desdemona at all costs. Othello will be brave to take control ofhis life. He is strong enough to stop anyone that he knows is a threat tohim or Desdemona. He will tell anyone to do as he say s and if they do nothe will give them the warning to “hold, for your lives” (2.3.176) or theywill be slayed like wild animals. Othello takes control in this situationby threatening to end Cassio and Montano s life if they do not stop theirpetty fight. He shows a great leadership strength by taking control ofeveryone s actions. Ohello lets everyone know who is the boss while beingrespectful and courteous. Othe!llo continues to try and be nice while he demands Cassio and Montano to”speak” (2.3.190) and asks “who began this” (2.3.190) before he decideswho is at fault and who should be penalized for what is happening. Hegives everyone a fair chance to say what they want. He wants to know allof the facts before he passes judgment on either one of the men involvedin the brawl. Othello shows how he can be a great leader even in the worstof situations. He passes judgment and “Cassio, I love thee, but nevermorebe officer of mine” (2.3.264-265) is all that Othello has to say. He trieshis best to let Cassio down easily even though he has just ended Cassio scareer. This hits Othello as hard as it does Cassio because he put almostall of his trust into Cassio to do his duty. All of the evidence shows how

Othello is willing and able to take control of any situation that isthrown upon him, even those that concern some of the people who areclosest to him. Othello is a man who puts a lot of trust into everyone. This trustmay lead to his demise in his career and in his life. He puts a lot oftrust into Cassio and Cassio blows this trust by getting drunk andfighting with Montano. He is reluctant to ask Cassio “have you forgotall sense of place and duty” (2.3.179) because of the answer that he mayget. This makes both Cassio and Othello look bad. Othello is Cassio sgeneral and the fight reflects on Othello and how he runs things in hisarmy. Othello still trusts almost everyone as much as before thebrawl but he should be and doesn t even realize what is really happeningas “honest Iago” (2.3.189) is the only witness to a strange situationagain. Othello asks Iago “that looks dead with grieving, speak”(2.3.189-190) so he knows what has happened in the brawl. Othello does notknow that Iago is not even as trust worthy as Cassio is. Iago tells thetruth for the first time in the book because the truth hurts Cassio more! than lies would. Othello just wants to know how everything happened. Hetrusts Iago with everything he owns and loves. It is to bad for him thathe cant here what is going on in Iagos head when he say s “I play thevillain, when this advice is free I give” (2.3.357) because Iagodescribes how he really is. Othello has no idea the man he trusts the mostis the one he should despise the most. Iago is using Othello for his ownpersonal gain and has no remorse foranything he does to him and others foiling his dreams. Othello is usinghis wrongful trust mode and more on his way to his own demise. All of thisshows how Othello is sending himself into deeper and darker hole that willlead to his demise. He must learn to trust himself more than others or hewill lose control of all situations that he is to face in the future. Fornow Othello still has control of all situations that are in his grasp butmust watch whom he trusts or his demise may come in one fellow swoop withno warning.