A Wounded Nation Essay Research Paper A

A Wounded Nation Essay, Research Paper

A Wounded Nation

Everyday human rights are violated. These rights, established long ago by the

English, are taken away by people who are either jealous, greedy, or racist against

people. Human Rights are a person’s basic right to life, liberty, and happiness without

fear of vengeance. Several people realize that the violations of human rights presents

a big problem in the United States. Despite the growing number of human rights

violations, most cases occurred in the south. For years, southerners have felt superior

to many groups including Indians, Women, and especially Blacks.

When the Europeans arrived in the New World, they quickly drove the Indians off of

their homelands. These people were pushed onto unfamiliar lands in addition to

learning new methods of survival. Consequently, many people became frustrated and

angry. Indians were beaten and forced to show the white men how to hunt and grow

crops, while they wallowed in wealth and sovereignty. The story of Pocahontas and

John Smith is a perfect example of how Indians and Europeans fought over land and

authority. Many Indians were forced to leave the homelands they cherished to the

White Men. As a result, the rights the Indians once had were gone forever.

Women have also suffered human rights violations. For years, they were

considered to be inferior to men. Most women in United States history were not given

the right vote or work outside the home until the early 1900’s. Unfortunately, they were

not allowed to go to school. Instead, they were expected to stay home and learn how

to cook, take care of children, and become housewives. Several women were forced to

reside in their homes where they were considered property by their husbands. Yet

some women were lucky enough to find jobs outside of their home.

Despite new women’s rights passed during the 1900’s, women still suffered

discrimination at every turn. They were paid smaller wages, kept ignorant in schools,

and treated disrespectfully. Furthermore, women today are still facing problems like

these. They are still considered to be inferior to men occupationally, physically, and

academically. Therefore, women have to work twice as hard as men to accomplish

what they wish to achieve.

Black people have also been robbed of their rights. White men and women have

viewed Blacks more as animals rather than people throughout history. Slavery arose

due to fear of new white settlers losing jobs to them. Therefore, the rights of all Blacks

were immediately taken away. They were bought and sold in streets by people who

forced them to work under extreme conditions. Fortunately at times, Blacks were

purchased by people who treated them kindly. Sadly though, most slaves were sent to

work on plantations to pick cotton or work the land. Blacks dreamt of freedom everyday

through songs of praise. It is a fact that almost every slave in United States History,

was brutally beaten and in many instances killed for not fulfilling the wishes of their


Although Blacks were liberated due to events in the 1860’s, they do however still

live in fear. They are not owned by anyone, but are still threatened and in some cases

attacked by white supremacists from hate groups.

The Skinheads, a group which has murdered approximately 28 million people since

1987, is said to be the most violent of all hate groups. They violate rights of several

people based on race, gender, and religion. Some other hate groups are the White

Vikings and Aryan Nations, but the most widely known of these groups is the Ku Klux

Klan. Approximately 5,000 Americans are members of the KKK.

White supremacists believe that the white race is superior to all others. They use

violence and threats towards those whom they believe to be unfit. In their favor, they

use politics, media and rallies to help aid in spreading their beliefs. The publicity of

these hate groups affect the views of everyone in our society. Groups like these

destroy human rights, such as Hitler’s order for the Nazis to kill millions including Jews,

gypsies, homosexuals, and foreigners during the Holocaust. Although hate groups are

not accepted by many in today’s society, discrimination against Native Americans,

Blacks, and Women still occur today.

In brief, many of the human rights which existed at one point have disappeared.

Human Rights can be recovered if people would learn to ignore hate groups, stand up

for their beliefs, and forgive people of past crimes. With this in mind, the United States

will begin to heal from wounds it has inflicted on itself throughout the years.



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