Advertising Rules Essay Research Paper Advertising Rules

Advertising Rules Essay, Research Paper

Advertising Rules Mr. Royko’s decision not to endorse the Mexican restaurants is

solid because he is following his own beliefs and ethics. People should make

their own decisions of a product. Also, if he did endorse the restaurant by

eating the taco he would be being dishonest to the viewers of the commercial. In

his decision to not endorse the restaurant, Mr. Royko is following his own moral

ethics. Often people watch television commercials and see products being

endorsed by celebrities such as Shaquile O?neal endorsing Taco Bell. The

viewers are lead to believe that the famous support these products and that by

buying them will make them a popular person too. Often the celebrities that

endorse products only do so for the money and do not stand behind them with any

guarantees or actually using the product themselves. In a basic sense, the

celebrities are lying to the people that they are trying to sell the product to.

When television viewers see Shaquile O?neal biting into a taco, they are lead

to believe that he eats there and likes the food. This advertisement also leads

the viewers to think that if a superstar like him eats there that the food must

be good and so they decide to go there based on the thought the Shaquile

O?neal might think that the food is good even though he never says so. The

thought never comes to mind that maybe they should talk to someone that has

eaten there and ask them how the food tasted or if they wold recommend going

there. In Mr. Mike Royko?s case he does not wish to endorse the Mexican

restaurant chain because he does not like Mexican food and also does not want to

imply to the television audience that he is recommending it to them. He would

rather not do the restaurant commercial and not make the money than to do it and

give a false impression to the audience of the commercial. People should rely on

their own standards to make the choice about a product and not the image of

someone else that does not have the same taste or desires that he or she does.

When thinking about advertising a product, people should also think about their

own moral beliefs and ethics. The product should be something that they would be

willing to back and support without having any reservations about it.


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