Sports In The 1920

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The Babe Hits 60 and much more

Sports in the 1920 s have been Red Grange, the Wheaton Ice

very intriguing to watch. Charles Lindbergh, Man, played many great years of

in his specially made airplane call the Spirit football. When Red was a little boy

of St. Louis, was going to attempt the playing for his high school, he was

impossible and fly nonstop from New York a sensation. He scored a record of

to Paris. The prize for this feat was $25,000. forty-five points in one game, a

Charles flew all alone. Lucky Lindy finally record that still stands. Red wasn t

landed 33 + hours after departure. He landed even going to play football when he

in and airfield outside of Paris. He received went to the University of Illinois.

the Congressional Medal of Honor. Amelia Red was named All American in

Earhart, in 1932, flew across the Atlantic his first varsity year. On October

ocean. When she tried to fly across the world, 18, 1924, Grange scored five

she disappeared and was never seen again. touchdowns. He scored from ninety

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Five yards on the opening kickoff, and then The Babe without doubt is the

scored on runs of sixty-seven, fifty-six, and greatest ballplayer of all time. Put

forty-four yards. All of these were in the your hands up or watch out for Jack

first quarter. In the second half, he scored Dempsey s hand in your mouth.

his fifth TD from twelve yards away. Dempsey ends his matches quick

He signed with the Chicago Bears after usually in the first seconds of the fight

his last game with U of I. He made $100,000 his opponents are on the ground for the

while all other player made about twenty- KO. Dempsey s left hooks and iron

five to one hundred dollars a game. Babe strength allowed him to beat the giant

Ruth is the best ball player anyone has ever Jess Willard. But on September 23,

seen. The Sultan of Swat can slug the ball 1936, he was defeated by Gene Tunney.

farther than anyone. On October 1, 1927 the Dempsey lost the rematch because of the

babe come up to the plate the Yankees are referee and a bad call. Jack attracted

tied with the Senators. Babe looks at strike many to the boxing world.

one as it crosses the plate. The next pitch Big Bill Tilden, won Wimbledon in

was a ball, the third was swung at viciously the summer of 1920. Now he wanted to

and went foul. The fourth pitch of the be seeded number one. He did so when

series hit babe s bat like a rocket and flew Bill defeated Johnston. Tilden won his

out of ballpark and into the street. Babe beat seventh and last U.S. National in 1929.

his old record of 59 home runs. He now has Not only was he a tennis star, but he also

60 a new record. The babe slowly trotted was a movie star. Tilden attracted many

around the bases after this grand smash. fans to the tennis world


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