Gaspard Essay Research Paper Like There Ain

Gaspard Essay, Research Paper

Like There Ain t Nothing Wrong I imagined that my life would end at the hands of the aristocrats, but not like this. All my life I thought if I believed in my dreams I would achieve. As a child I had a dream of living wealthy and making it big but by the time I was seven I realized that I could not make it in this land of hell. I remember my dad semi-joking when I was ten, Gaspard chances are that you will not become much, telling me the truth, you can t change anything, but remember no matter how bad things get keep your sense of humor, you have to able to smile through all the pain and the lies. G-d put us on this position for a reason; we must make the best of it. As I think of that little talk now, I realize that he was trying his best to prepare me for the hardships I would encounter later in life. As dark as things got sometimes, in my mind I always saw sunshine and hope. I touched the sky when I met my to be wife, Loanna A year after we eloped we had a baby boy, Little Gaspard, since Loanna and I knew what kind of life lay ahead of our kid we did our best to raise him strong since the day he was born. I begged G-d to save him from the hardships we encountered, and The Lord must of answered because the only way for my request to carry out was to die. When Little Gaspard was four, Loanna died, I still don t know why she died, but she just did not wake up one morning. At that point my hate for the aristocracy elevated because after I asked for a casket and a grave marker I was harshly denied, and was given a beating for my rudeness. I was beginning to lose my mind, suicide was constantly creeping up in my thoughts, but I tried to stay sound for my son. I kept telling myself that life goes on, and in addition I wanted to make sure my son to know that he could depend on me. Although the aristocrats were living off my misery I tried to make sure that my son had a somewhat better education than I did by hiring a tutor. To afford the tutor I had work in the fields from dawn to late night with no more than two days off per month. The tutor was more of a father to my son than I was so I had to make a decision on whether or not I should continue this lifestyle. After little deliberation I decided to start working normal hours so I fired the tutor. This was all one month before The Marquis killed Little Gaspard so I am forever happy that I reduced my workday.

After Little Gaspard was killed I immediately decided that I had to get revenge. So as The Marquis carriage was pulling away I handed my son s lifeless body to Madam DeFarge, caught up to the carriage and hung on to the bottom of the carriage. Just before the Marquis manor was reached I let go of the carriage and immediately ran into the woods. That night I shed many tears planning out my attack on The Marquis. I was hopping that if my son s killer was to die Little Gaspard would be able to rest in peace. As I was waiting for nightfall to arrive I was beginning to have some doubts about killing The Marquis, hence I pledged in blood on a tree that I was going to go through with my plan. After I killed the villain I was on the run for about a month, but I finally gave up because I did not want to go through the rest of my life hiding, I d rather die and rejoin my wife and son. After I was captured, I was beaten half to death, thrown into a cell, and my execution was set for the next day. I could not go to sleep that night out of rage and burning hatred for the aristocracy. I am the first stone to the bridge, there will be more like me to due away and kill the damn bastards. That long night I had a chance to think about my wife s death, she died of over exhaustion, trying to earn for an extra piece of bread for our baby son. All my life I have worked on a land that I did not own, lost both my wife and my son, my life has no purpose, I will be happy to go tomorrow.


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