ExTreme Computing Employment Agreement Essay Research Paper

Ex-Treme Computing Employment Agreement Essay, Research Paper


Application of Agreement:

This document is specifically for employees of the Ex-treme Computing Enterprise

Contract Details:

This agreement is detailed for the terms of employment. Employment being dated from the 4th May 2000 to the 14th August 2004


The employee will be paid according to the hours they work a day, the position and level of employment. A salary of $45.00 dollars an hour from 8.30am to 4.00 pm

Hours of Duty:

An employee should work for 70 hours a week from Monday to Friday. This is agreed on by the employer and the employee. A minimum of working hours a day is 7.30 hours. (Overtime is awarded if necessary work is needed. A rate of $50 is given to the employee.)

Public Holidays:

The following public holidays shall be allowed as holidays with pay:

New Years Day, Christmas, Australia Day, Anzac Day, Boxing Day, Labour Day, Foundation Day, good Friday, and Easter Monday.

Annual Leave:

An employee shall have 7 weeks for 12 months as continuous work/service. The annual leave must be taken as it accumulates.

Sick Leave:

For each year of service, 15 full working days with full pay, 10 half-days and 5 days with no pay are guaranteed to the employee. If for any reason a death or sick family member requires you to take a day off, a full paid salary will be given to the employee.

Parental Leave:

46 weeks unpaid leave for worker.

Long Service Leave:

14 years of long service leave will be given to the employee after a period of 7 years of service. The long service leave must be taken in 1 year after it accumulates.


The employer is entitled to get 4% superannuation from the employer for his/her salaries.


Employees have the right to work in a safe and clean environment that is ergonomically sound.


The employee will be provided with their uniform according to the level they are working at.

Motor Vehicle Allowance:

Any employee who has usage of a business vehicle shall be in accordance with the department policy.

Ex-treme Computing hereby has the employee s agreement on the above agreement as of work commencement. The rights and regulations are published in the SECTOR ACT 1.

The agreement states that these conditions should be abided by.

Date: ________________

Employers Signature: ___________________

Employees Signature: ___________________


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