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Human Cloning:BAD Essay, Research Paper

Human Cloning

Modern science has gone beyond the boundaries of ethics and Catholicism to the

point where they are trying to take over the role of God and create a human life

without yield. Anyone who thinks that they can take the role of God and create

another life has no respect for the morals and ethics this country was born on.

Technology should not have to prove its power by being the first to create a

human life for fun. By going through with this procedure, scientists are

raising dangers as well as severe consequences. No one knows what this

“semi-human” may bring to out society. Human cloning is not something that

should be employed in our culture today or any other day. This method is wrong

and anyone that believes in Catholicism or even God for that matter would agree.

The American people, and the world, are not ready and never will be for this

kind of technology. This method will raise so much controversy over the morals

that arise, that we will have no other choice but to abort this method or


Human cloning is a procedure in where a cell is taken from one person and

combined with an egg from a donor woman. Once they are both taken, they are

combined, fertilized, and then placed back into the uterus for incubation. By

taking this cell from another person, you are giving the child-to-be an exact

replica of the subjects DNA. Everyone knows that each persons DNA is different.

This procedure would totally redefine everything technology has worked on for

the past one hundred years. Not only is this against a Catholics moral by

taking the egg out of a woman and fertilizing it in a petri dish, it against the

ethics of many people throughout the world because you are making a copy of a

person. Each person has the right to be unique. If this method is made

possible, not only can there be duplicates of people running around, but if put

into the wrong hands, someone could be able to clone someone just by taking a

glass that person has drank out of.

The cloning of animals is only three years old and is only successful one time

out of twenty. Yet, the world is in a mad rush to duplicate the first human

being. Is the world prepared to kill human fetuses for the mere pleasure of

being the first to create a human life? Someone needs to put a stop to this

ludicrous research before it even begins. Cloning a human life should be banned

throughout the world because it endangers the child-to-be’s individuality. Who

are his or her parents supposed to be? Should the scientists that developed the

fetus be held responsible for this child? There are many questions people need

to ask themselves before consenting to this particular form of child


Mr. Leon Cass M.D., PhD and a Professor at the University of Chicago went before

the Committee on Energy and Commerce to propose a bill banning human cloning.

In his testimony Mr. Cass states that he believes human cloning is “…unethical

both in itself and in what is surely leads to” (Cass, p.5). Cass also states

that he believes that it constitutes an unethical experimentation on the

child-to-be for it exposes him or her to the risk of abnormalities. No one can

be sure of what kind of abnormalities can take place in the cloning of a child.

If the experiment does not go exactly accordingly, many things can occur.

Physical appearance can be botched; internal problems may occur if not right

away, possible later on in the child’s life. Cass also states that “Permitting

human cloning means saying yes to the dangerous principle that we are entitled

to determine and design the genetic make-up for our children” (Cass, p.2).

Parents should not be able to make such a decision as what their child will look

like, or what kind of attributes it may posses. This decision should be left up

to one person, and one person only, GOD! If parents are given this type of

option, what does that say for a person’s individuality? You may be causing

that child psychological problems later on its life.

A ban on human cloning sounds like a good idea, but what kind of problems or

obstacles must one overcome to get this bill to become a law? If you were to

ban human cloning, at what stage would cloning become illegal? There are births

being done today that require eggs to be taken out of the female uterus and

fertilized, and then place back into the uterus. This stage also takes place in

the process of human cloning, only the egg is combined with a cell from another

human being. If a ban is proposed on human cloning it should be done before

experimentation even begins. The ban should state that no egg shall be taken

out of the uterus and combined with a cell from another person. Also, this ban

should take affect as soon as possible. There are already plans being made all

over the world for producing a human clone. All experimentation, research, and

tests should come to a halt at once. If human cloning is eventually banned,

there is not need for these experiments, etc.

What kind of dangers are in store in the near future if human cloning does

begin? What if this procedure falls into the wrong hands? Agreed, this does

sound a little far-fetched, but it is always a possibility. Take the present

day conflict with Afghanistan. What if Afghanistan were to become the first to

develop human cloning, and were able to develop a kind of “super-human?” What

will result of this? Could this develop into a new type of biological warfare?

Given, Afghanistan does not have the technology or the equipment to do such a

thing, it is something to keep in mind. Other dangers that are more believable

could include, sudden abortions, stillbirths, and gross birth defects. These

things are already unexplainable and initially undetectable problems of today.

Who says that utilizing someone else’s used DNA to make a new organism is

healthy? Everyone’s DNA becomes damaged, as they grow older. When a fetus is

developing, it is expecting new strands of DNA that are not damaged, and that

carry no diseases. There is just not enough knowledge about cloning to date to

begin to clone humans.

What will these human clones be used for anyway? They certainly cannot replace

someone that may be deceased. Just by replicating a persons genes does not

replicate the environment and the development experiences that makes a person

who that are. If you do clone a human, it doesn’t mean that they are going to

make the same life choices that the deceased may have. Though the clone will

look like the deceased person, it may not have the same personality, or the

memories that person may have possessed. Some also believe that by developing

clones we will finally be able to solve our organ shortage. Are we really that

barbaric to where we will develop and grow fetuses for the use of it organs?

What will become of a child once it is used for its heart? Will it just be

thrown into the dumpster like garbage? Hopefully people will detest such ideas,

and forget this form of receiving new organ downers.

Another belief is that clones will bring a new way for infertile couples to have

children. There are already numerous methods for these people to conceive or

receive a baby. There is adoption, artificial insemination, and in-vitro

fertilization. All these methods are kinow to be safe, and defiinitly not


(I will continue this paper with more beliefs as well as opinions by doctors and

the public, long term affects from this method, and eventually a conclusion.)

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