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Mom Said I Could Essay Research Paper

Mom Said I Could Essay, Research Paper

Mom Said I Could

As young children our moms and dads would reward us for our actions, or punish us. However, for some kids a reward may have been a new toy, being taken out to their favorite restaurant, or a privelage. At the time of adolescence a privelage may have been dtaying up past your bedtime to whatch a movie, or sleeping over a friends house. Whatever it was you were allowed to do something that someone else could not.

Years passed on and the privelages were not as recognizable. They actually seemed limited, and the things that used to be special no longer were. Like in school when young kids answereing a question right seemed like the most important thing. Now as young adults we tend to hide by sitting in the back of the classroom, slouched down in your chair. When the teacher now begins to look for a volunteer you bury your head in a book or magazine. Many people say it is because as a black male or female we are inferior, stupid and educationg us is a waste of time.

Even though our spirits may have been broken by what others said, mom and dad were there to tell us differently. In the book “Mom I m Black” by Sandra D. Diers, she discusses stereotypes and privelages of young black children who have become succesful black adults.

“Now my young black son, many people may taunt you and put you down, but listen to me and remember these words I tell you. When you leave this house to attend college, educate your mind, spirit and soul. Do not just learn but absorb. You are so lucky and yes even privelaged to be able to further extend your education. So excell and succeed. Not only is developing your mind important but develop your physical strength. You have been blesses with a true talent in football, but if you don t have physical endurance and discipline your talent wont last. As a young black male you don t have to pride yourself around looks or worry about things such as rape. However, always be aware of your surroundings.”

“My nubian princess, many journeys lie ahead of you, but your only a baby. Not only are you a female, but you are a black female, you have two strikes against you. Your struggles will be greater than your brothers. When you re older people will mentally and physically hurt you, but together we ll muddle through.”

Even though people may feel that as a black society our worries have now become few, there are still many negative aspects due to steriotypes.

“Son, some people may say you are violent and adrunk because of your skin color. Or a drug dealer, gang banger, or when you have children a dead beat dad. These are stereotypes to hold you back but move forward and always believe. You may be harrassed by the police but look beyond and always believe. Job opportunities may pass you by because you re a male and a threat to corporate America, but fight to the top.”

My darling daughter whenever you go out a night never walk alone. Do not preoccupy yourself with looks but pride yourself with education. People may claim that you are loud, obnoxious or classless, but show them that you are a strong black woman with class. In corporate America you are not seen as a threat but be one.”

In life as a young black male or female keep your head high and your pride about you. Educate yourself and be well rounded. Whenever someone challenges something positive you do, always remember, mom said you could.

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