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Domestic Violence In Costa Rica Essay Research (стр. 2 из 2)

Ms.Chacon was stating that from all the cases she has had in Puntarenas, only five out of twenty domestic violence cases have had some progress and this is due to the willingness of the man to get some help from her and attend the meetings as a couple. The others have not made progress because either the man is now in jail or is dead or continues battering the woman. (She is too submissive and is not thinking)

Violence is ciclical. Everyone carries some sort of anger inside, but these men do not know how to express it. Their conducts are deviated because at a young age their patterns of violence were never corrected or even obstructed. Violence is a type of behavior that is learned through life. No one is born violent, society changes them to be this way. The domestic violence problems in this society resides in that every male child is taught directly or indirectly to use certain amount of violence to solve their problems, even if it has to be in the home. Because it is one of the mayor myths of this society that, El hombre debe imponerse para mantener el orden en la casa. (even if it means violently)

There is no institution for helping violent men who wish to manage their anger. There is a big gap in the system of trying to stop male violence in the home, and it lies inside male minds, behaviors and personalities. This group is been left out of the solution picture in Costa Rica, at the time when the problem keeps getting worse every year. The social workers for hospitals are trying to solve the problems from the root, but it is very dangerous for them, because they lack the resources and the security to work with these violent men. They need to be better funded. An institution is very greatly needed in this agenda. The INAMU used to be an institution for the entire family, but now all the regional and main offices are just dedicated to trying to solve women troubles. Men need help, and they cannot find it. They are not getting the support they need to get. If the problem is not cut from the root, it will still keep coming back, even if all men were sent to jail.

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