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Danger Follows Essay Research Paper Danger FollowsMoving

Danger Follows Essay, Research Paper

Danger Follows

Moving to a new town and adjusting to a new lifestyle had been difficult for Jennie. As time passed by, she began to make new friends and seemed to have forgotten the tragedies of Milwaukee.

Her parents seemed to notice the improvement in her attitude. They felt such relief that she had let it all go. There was a rule that nothing from the past events in Milwaukee be mentioned, or even thought about for that matter. All seemed to be headed in the right direction.

Since the move from Milwaukee, Jennie hadn t really taken any interest in dating. How could she? It s not everyday you meet a psycho killer and fall in their death trap of love . She had been lucky to escape his clinches without any physical trauma. The emotional trauma she had encountered was harsh enough. How could she ever trust another guy?

After the first few weeks at her new school, she came upon a signup sheet for the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. This was it! Her big chance to start all over! She had been a cheerleader back in Milwaukee, but unfortunately she had to give that up in the big move. She couldn t seem to quit thinking about trying out for the squad. She daydreamed of showing her spirit during English class and fantasized of doing cartwheels down the halls between classes.

That night at dinner, Jennie hesitated to share her new interest with her parents. She tried to engage in the usual conversation and to push her news aside. The harder she tried not to think about the squad, the harder it became for her not to mention it. Finally, she couldn t hold it any longer.

Mom, dad, I ve got some great news! You know how you ve been telling me that I need to be more involved in the community as well as school? Jennie said with great enthusiasm.

Umm..yeah. Why? questioned her parents hesitantly.

Well, today I went to school like usual, but today I made a very fortunate observation. I came across a sign-up sheet for the Varsity cheerleading squad!

Her parents said nothing. They just passed glances back and forth between them.

Before you say anything, hear me out. I hardly ever do anything anymore. Remember how I used to stay so busy that I was hardly ever at home? I miss that. Just think how many friend I would make! It s my senior year. It s my last chance. Please?? Tell me I can try out. It will mean so much to me. Please, please, please?

She sent them a pity glance. She puckered her lips as if she were about to cry, just as she had when she was a child.

Her parents explained their concerns that she may become too caught up in things and that may lead to problems, just as they had in the past. She assured them things would never come to such a great extent.

It took a while, but Jennie went to bed that night with a smile on her face. She knew they wouldn t keep her from doing something she felt so strongly about. Being an only child, she was used to getting her way and being spoiled rotten.

Finally, the day had come. There were three slots open for the team. There were a total of twelve girls trying out for the team. Jennie was determined to make the squad. She gave it her all. After tryouts were over, Jennie raced to see the results. She wasn t surprised to see her name, but she was surprised to see that she had scored the highest. Jennie was so happy. She couldn t wait to share her news with her family.

Jennie hit it off with the other members of the squad immediately. All of the cheerleaders stuck together. They were like sisters. In fact, Jennie became such an important part of the group that most people had forgotten that she had been the new girl just a few weeks previously.

Jennie had always been close with her parents. She had never lied to them, but Jennie s attitude began to change.

Her parents became worried and thought of making her resign form the squad. They knew how she enjoyed cheering, so they decided to ignore things for a while, just in case Jennie was just going through on of those rebellious stages they had feared so long ago.

Being a cheerleader had a few duties and responsibilities. Being a cheerleader meant popularity. Everyone looked up to the cheerleaders. Guys wanted to date them and other girls wanted to be them. It was considered to be a sin to be a single cheerleader.

Eventually, Jennie s friends fixed her up with the captain of the basketball team. His name was Jason. He was very handsome and known as a ladies man. Jennie felt uneasy about the situation. All of the pressure from her friends forced her to swallow the lump in her throat and go for it. Jennie didn t want to risk losing her position on the squad just because she felt a little scared to be on the dating list again.

As time passed, Jennie grew closer to Jason. They were inseperable.

Jennie s parents became seriously concerned for their daughter. They knew what was happening. Could it happen again? What will we do? A million questions ran through their heads. They couldn t stand the thought that they might lose their daughter. Maybe this time they wouldn t be so fortunate. They proved each night. They could sense that something wasn t right. If only they knew how right they were.

One night, Jennie decided she wanted to sneak out with Jason. She knew her parents would never allow them to stay out, way out into the night together, so Jennie lied and said she was going to a sleepover at her friend Amber s house. There really was a sleepover, but she wouldn t be there. Her friends agreed to cover for her and she was all set.

Since winter was approaching, Jennie and Jason thought it would be a good idea to go camping one last time before winter arrived.

Jason was a true party animal. Wherever you saw, Jason you say alcohol. He mostly drank beer, but this was a special occasion. He brought along the powerful stuff-liquor. Jennie wasn t that big of a drinker, but she decided this was her chance to cut loose and taste a little bit of the wild side.

They found a nice spot out in the woods and sat up their tent just before the sun had set. They built a cozy little fire and snuggled as they enjoyed their beverages.

They talked and shared a lot of their feelings. They confessed to each other about their past and possible future plans. They even shared their darkest secrets, that neither of them thought would ever come out. They felt so comfortable with one another. They were almost the perfect couple.

After a while, things started to take new forms. Their vision got a little blurry and their movement a little swayed. Jennie began to get sick. They hadn t realized just how much they had already drunk.

It was Jennie s first time getting drunk and she already hated it. Before she realized it, Jason had passed out from the heat of the fire. She found herself alone and sick as ever. Their perfect night together was no longer perfect anymore.

The forest was so dark and mysteriously frightening. Jennie heard only the chirping of the crickets and rustling of the leaves as the wind swiftly swayed the trees. Jennie could hear the faint sound of running water. She staggered passed trees and brush toward the sound of the water.

As she walked, her feet became heavier and the lump in her throat grew larger. Jennie noticed a dim sound behind her. It sounded as though she was being followed. She knew Jason was pretty well passed out so she figured that it wasn t him. She tried to convince herself it was just a squirrel or something of that nature. She began to walk faster. The noise grew louder. Jennie stopped dead in her tracks. The noise continued for a second and then came to an abrupt halt. Someone or something was following Jennie. what or who could it be? Jennie was full of fear. She took off running full speed. As she continued fighting her way through the trees and stray limbs, she glanced behind her to see a strange dark, figure chasing behind. This put her in a state of panic. She ran faster. She found the small stream she had set out for. Only, she no longer could hear anyone behind her. she knelt down and flushed her face with water. The coolness of the water against her skin brought a sense of safety and relief.

Jennie had forgotten about Jason. Was he okay? What if something had happened to him? She decided to go back and check on him. She was feeling much better now; although she still felt a little light-headed.

As she traveled back to camp, she sensed that she wasn t alone again. She thought she could see movement in the woods around her. She heard nothing and convinced herself it was just her imagination. Faint whispers muttered from behind the trees.

Take heed , Go back , You re not welcome here all repeated.

Jennie knew this was no longer a joke and rushed away from the voices. In her hurry, she tripped over a stone and tumbled down a hill.

Wake up Jennie. We ve got to get you home. Come on. Jennie opened her eyes to see Jason standing over her tugging at her arm.

What happened? Where am I? Was it all a dream? A million question circulated through her head.

Jennie never told anyone about her strange encounter that night. they probably wouldn t believe her anyways. Her parents never found out the truth. Jennie wasn t sure what really happened that night. All Jennie knew was that after that night, her life would never be the same. What did all this mean? Could her past from Milwaukee be coming back to haunt her?

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