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Fatboy Essay Research Paper Through my knowledge

Fatboy Essay, Research Paper

Through my knowledge of Wordsworth s poetry I understand what he has written and the hidden messages he has encrypted into his poetry. It is remarkable on how he structured his poems, what language, what inspirations and themes he wrote about. In The Solitary Reaper and Strange Fits Of Passion I Have Know Wordsworth has combined the feelings and emotion of the human body and mind into a themes that runs through the veins of all or most of his poems, NATURE, and his sister LUCY.

By having the poems settings out in nature, Wordsworth used dramatic and sensual words to intrigue the reader and pull them into a trance, which is exactly what happens in both poems. In SFOPIHK, the narrator is riding towards the girl but is pulled into a trance when he stares at the moon And all the while my eyes I kept on the descending moon then when the moon vanishes behind a cottage he snaps out of it but has extremely strong and bad feelings about the loved one.

During The Solitary Reaper, the young lady singing more beautifully than a Nightingale also mesmerizes the narrator I saw her singing there at her work and o er the sickle bending I listen d, motionless and still . In both poems the narrator is focused on one thing, which some people say can bring a person into a hypnotic state, when this state is broken, the person immediately comes back but can make things seem real. We don t see this in both poems but we do see both poems bringing a character into a trance like state by a simple entity such as a moon or beautiful voice.

SFOPIHKs structure is a simple ballad form, employed by Wordsworth to render common speech and common stories in poems of simple rhythmic beauty. Each stanza is four lines long and has alternating rhymed lines (ABAB). During each stanza Wordsworth used a horses trot to keep the beat throughout the poem to give it the feel of a song and to keep the poem flowing until the moon descends behind the cottage and he suddenly halts. Where as The Solitary Reaper is structured as with four stanzas with eight lines which follow a rhyme scheme (ABABCCDD).

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