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Advertisement Essay Research Paper Advertising is used

Advertisement Essay, Research Paper

Advertising is used to promote goods, services, images, and

anything else that advertisers want to publicize. It is becoming a major part

of mass media. At times we may view it positively, at other times we may just

skip or ignore it. In order to attract audience, advertisers use various

techniques on their advertisement to make people aware of the firm’s products,

services or brands. Although the methods used by advertisers are infinitely,

they have a common goal to persuade those who may become their customers to

buy their products. An excellent advertisement will create a deep impression

on its potential customers through particular techniques.

I chose this advertisement because it made me feel impressed and

interested about the context of the ad. The particular techniques used in the

picture made feel impressed and intended to interest in the financial services

of Bank of America. This is an ad about some financial services that are offer

by Bank of America. The picture and text on this ad is simple and colorless.

The picture shows a kid drive a toy car toward to an unknown road. He is too

young to choose the right road of his next step. He is also without enough

ability to make a right decision about his future. Thus, his facial expression

is scared because he never known which ways he will go next and he will be

soon to face his future. The text below the picture says if we blink our eyes

and our kid will be grow-up soon. It implies if we are being the parents of

our kid, we have a responsibility to plan the futures for our kid. We also

need a financial planning right now to support the necessary expense for our

kid in the future. This ad reminds us about an established firm’s services,

characteristics, and benefits are available through financial services provide

by Bank of America. We can plan early and make a decision now then we will

take a great advantage of our family.

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