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Disgusting Smoke Stains And Odors Essay Research

Disgusting Smoke Stains And Odors Essay, Research Paper

November 15, 1998English Comp. I Disgusting Smoke Stains and Odors Has anyone ever walked by you with the smell of stagnant smoke on his or her clothes, or have you ever met someone that has yellow stains on their teeth from nicotine? Smoking cigarettes not only makes people smell bad, but the things around them as well. The appearance of a smoker and their belongings is disgusting and irreversible. Smoking effects smokers as well as non-smokers in many different ways. Smoking cigarettes will produce odors that can be described as strong, repulsive, and disgusting. A smokers’ house can be an experience in which one could recognize these odors. One would instantly be able to smell the faded scent of smoke, by walking into a smokers’ house. Cigarette smoke contaminates furniture in the house, such as, chairs, couches, carpet, and even ashtrays will give off a distinct odor. The smell of cigarette smoke is unattractive and unappealing to visitors. The odor on furniture will not fade away easily and guests are often subject to smell this odor when they visit friends who smoke. People who smoke cigarettes also have the odor of smoke on their clothes, hands, and hair. Even non-smokers can smell like smoke. For instance, in a bar atmosphere non-smokers and smokers are combined, and the smoke in the air will quickly penetrate the clothes and hair of a non-smoker with the smell of cigarette smoke. Children of smokers are effected by cigarette smoke as well. Not only do children have to put up with the disgusting smell at home, but they too walk around smelling like smoke. Smokers are also known to smoke in their car, and the odor can even be worse because of the confined space. The smoke leaves a musty smell to the seats in the car, and non-smoking passengers are subject to the repulsive smell. Needless to say, smokers bring and pass on the smell of smoke with them wherever they go. Smoking cigarettes effect the appearance of people and their surroundings. Smoking causes the teeth of smokers to become discolored, and their teeth can deteriorate. Smoking cigarettes will also cause smokers to have bad breath, which can turn into a more serious problem. The smoke coming off of the cigarette itself can cause fingernails to turn yellowish in color. Smokers are also known to have red eyes because of irritation the smoke is causing them. A smokers’ house can be effected as well. For instance, the smoke put off from a cigarette will cause white walls in a house to turn to a pale yellow, it can cause furniture to fade, and it will stain wallpaper with a dull yellow color. Mini-blinds and drapes can also be discolored by smoke too. Ashtrays are common in homes of smokers, which is simply a disgusting site for non-smokers. Over a period of time a film will develop on mirrors and picture frames. Smoke stains can visibly be seen on white or light colored clothing. By smoking cigarettes, smokers risk burning holes in their carpets and rugs, or tables. Burn holes are common in furniture of smokers as well as their cars. The smoke put off from a cigarette will cause a filmy coat on windows of vehicles, which is not only hard to see through when driving, but it can be hard to clean. Ashes from cigarettes can be found anywhere people smoke. Smokers are known to put their cigarettes out wherever it is convenient at the moment. Smokers throw their cigarettes out the window while driving, in parking lots of public places, and even in their own yard. Smoking not only effects a persons’ surroundings and his or her physical appearance, it effects the world around them as well.

Normally smokers do not know how repulsive their surroundings smell or look, mainly because a smoker gets immune to the smell and used to the appearance of their belongings. Smoking cigarettes effect people and surroundings all over the world even though smokers may not realize it.

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