Prayer In Schools Essay Research Paper Prayer

Prayer In Schools Essay, Research Paper

Prayer in Schools

I feel prayer should be re-established in America’s schools. There is a strong belief in God by the government, so our schools should also support that idea. Many use prayer as a guidance tool. It gives a lot of students something to believe in and a sense of hope. They can turn to prayer for help and understanding in difficult situations. National officials, students, and churches use prayer; schools should be allowed to use it as well.

God is recognized as the “universal supreme being” by our national government. He stands for unity and hope among our nation. Because this is true, schools should be allowed to hold organized prayers. As long as God is on our currency, He should be allowed in our schools.

Prayer in school does not affect or disturb anyone. If we truly have freedom of religion, we should be free to pray in our schools. This restraint is an infringement upon our rights as American citizens. Prayer was banned from public schools as a result of non-Christian religious beliefs. Although this is true, members of other religions would not be required to participate in these activities. Furthermore, they could have a separate area to hold prayer sessions for their religions.

If prayer were to be reintroduced in school, morals and values would be rediscovered and improved. It is a proven fact that teenagers and adolescents are less likely to engage in delinquent activities if they have a belief in God. Adolescents could turn to prayer instead of violence to settle their differences. This would make our nation and schools a more peaceful and better place to live. Bringing prayer back would make life worth living for some adolescents who have nowhere else to turn.

Since our national government opens meetings with a prayer, schools should too. It would help to reduce the amount of violence in America’s schools. It would allow people to understand so much more and broaden horizons of life. Our national government recognizes God and prayer just as our schools should.


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