Field Of Dreams Essay Research Paper The

Field Of Dreams Essay, Research Paper

The “Field of Dreams” Essay

The Field of Dreams story has 5 characters that have a second chance in their life. In this essay the second paragraph would be about Ray Kinsella that if it is really heaven in the “field of dreams”. The third paragraph would be about John Kinsella & “Shoeless” Joe Jackson of both of them having a desire to play baseball. In the fourth paragraph it would be about Terrance Mann & Archibald “Moonlight” Graham because both of them stopped what they were doing best because of the world outside them. Then finally it would be about all of the 5 characters in a way that of having a second chance in their life.

Ray Kinsella was an ordinary farmer who gave up on his father but also did something for his father. He built a “field of dreams” that was really heaven for him. It made Joe have a 2nd chance of playing baseball, John having his dream of playing catch with his son, Terrance Mann having another chance of writing again, and Archibald to have his dream of batting. Ray also had a chance of talking to his father again. Ray Kinsella before didn’t want to become “like his father” because he didn’t want to be like his father that of not having a fun time before he got too old. Ray built this “field of dreams” for all these people including him for a second chance.

John & Joe both had a deep desire of playing baseball and going to the pros. John had really wanted to play baseball but he was caught up with work he had to do and got too old before he could do anything else anymore. It was his dream of playing in the majors because of his desire for baseball. Joe had a chance of playing in the major’s but he took a bribe from gamblers. Still he played in a way of having no errors and getting a .375 batting average. He wasn’t “throwing the game” because it didn’t look like it but still played for his own self. When he was caught it was like of losing a part of himself. He also played for nothing. Just for his desire of baseball. Both men loved baseball with their heart.

These two men, Terrance & Archibald were doing something best for society. Terrance was like the 60’s of writing all those books of inspiring people. He was very important to Ray & Annie because he was inspiring to them. But one day he decided to stop writing because so many people were criticizing him of his writing. Archibald also helped people because since he gave up baseball and became a doctor he changed society, in a small town, Chisolm. He was a kind and very helping person to everyone. The town became so kind and gentle because of just him being there and working there as a doctor. These two men were a helping hand for people and they wanted to play baseball.

All these men wanted to play baseball or didn’t want to become someone.

All of them had a second chance to do what they wanted to do. Joe got to play baseball again, Terrance Mann to write again, Archibald to swing a bat, and John got a chance to play baseball finally with his son, Ray Kinsella. It was of Ray that made all these people even him have another chance of what they really wanted do from their hearts. I think Ray should really get a second chance of getting to know his father much better and to make a better relationship between father and son. Ray of just leaving his dad and ignoring him until of getting too old to play ball with him. They never had a chance to have fun and have a great relationship from a father and a son. Like father like son they say. Ray & John should really have that relationship between each other.


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