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Citizen Kane Essay Research Paper Citizen KaneWhat

Citizen Kane Essay, Research Paper

Citizen Kane

What makes an excellent movie? Orson Welles starred and produced in the movie Citizen Kane, now known as the greatest movie ever made. Citizen Kane loosely portrays the life of William Randolph Hearst. In the movie, the use of sound, great acting, and irony help make this movie number one. First, the use of sound adds to the overall splendor of the film.

Orson Welles, often uses sound to change from one scene to the next. Without sound Citizen Kane would not have the same dramatic effect. In the beginning of the film, a transition between two scenes immediately attracts the attention of the audience. The sound embellishes on the importance of the particular scene. Along with sound, acting plays a very important role in the film.

Having a first-rate cast contributes to the films high rating. Though most of the actors had little experience, each portrayed their character very well. Actors with only a few lines needed to express the complexity of their characters. Which indeed helped the ratings of the film. Almost as amazing as the acting, irony takes place throughout the entire film.

Irony takes place in search for the meaning of Kanes last words. Charles Foster Kane dies saying the word Rosebud. Throughout the entire film reporters try to figure out what he means. The main irony of this film lies in what reporters search for, when it only has a real meaning to Kane himself. At the end of the film, the audience realizes that Kanes sled says the word Rosebud. The sled resembles Kanes innocence as a child. Irony comes into play for the fact that reporter s search for a deeper meaning of the word, rather than something simple. When rating the movie, the three components have a very deep impact.

Orson Welles starred and produced in the movie Citizen Kane, now the greatest movie ever made. The film has many key components as to why it is ranked number one. First, Welles use of sound made excellent examples as how to dramatize certain scenes. Second, the wonderful acting skills attracted the audience in such a way that one would think it was not a movie. Last, irony ties the film together at the end to give the audience a better understanding. Ranking the movie Citizen Kane number one was a very excellent choice.

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