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Theological Summary Essay Research Paper Paul is

Theological Summary Essay, Research Paper

Paul is confident that from his knowledge from Christ that it will lead us to the Truth of God?s revelation. He then goes onto state that himself and many other Christians do not consider their adequacy as coming from their own strength but it is the strength of God that enables them to go on from day to day living the Christian life. The Spirit of Jesus Christ commissioned apostles to go and set forth teaching the word of God and they are fulfilling a part of the New Covenant. This covenant is different from the Old written law, which are the Commandments written in stone by Moses at Mt. Sinai. For this written code no one could follow it was a source of death, where as the law of faith and the New Covenant was one that was full of grace and a way to righteous. The written code was know to bring death because it gave the sinners a was to feel the gravity of each sin that was committed and they had no way to escape the guilt. When Moses went on top of Mt. Sinai he came face to face with God and once he came down the Israelites were afraid because of the brightness reflecting the glory of God off of Moses? face. The law of Faith far accedes the Law of Moses, because the law of faith forgives sinners and makes them righteous, which the old law didn?t do. The Old law condemned sinner, but the grace receives them and justifies them by faith.

By the fading of the brightness upon Moses? face it symbolized the it was only temporary like the covenant itself, and the New Covenant, which is in light of the Gospel, is permanent and everlasting. Paul states that as Christians we should repay God with our boldness and confidence that we have in him that the Gospel is the way of life. Unlike Moses? who walked around with a veil on his face covering up the splendor that was transformed onto him by God. For Moses, did not want the people to see the glow of God?s glory dimming, and so he covered his face during the time the glory faded. The church teaches that the Old Testament is a foreshadowing of the new and the new manifest the old. Paul goes on to say that the only way for anyone to understand and believe the gospel is if the Holy Spirit came through them. The Jews have a veil remained over there head every Sabbath day when Moses is read because they have not seen or want to believe the new covenant or the gospel of Christ. If someone turns to the Lord for salvation than the veil will be lifted and Christ will revel the Truth. If one is to be free they have to believe in the spirit of the Lord and Christian freedom does not mean ignoring and bond or law; it means accepting God?s commandments not in a servile way, out of fear, but as children whom listen to their Father God for answers. Each day we spend devoting ourselves as Christians to a more godly life we are reflecting on the way Jesus Christ wants us to be for the sake of our salvation.