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Bruce And Clark Essay Research Paper Justin

Bruce And Clark Essay, Research Paper

Justin Loftis

English 110 T/Th 3:30

Essay # 4

Bruce and Clark

To the ordinary citizen of any given suburb, town, or city the names Bruce and Clark do not particularly stand out to be special or significant. If one was to ask an ordinary citizen if he or she had heard of Batman and or Superman, one could bet that those names would be labeled as special and significant. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent otherwise known as Batman and Superman have lived in America’s comic books, movies, cartoons and hearts for well over fifty years. Protecting the streets of Gotham City and Metropolis, these crime fighters have given a great deal to humanity, and although they have many similarities, their childhood and upbringing are quite different.

Batman and Superman have basic hero similarities. Costumes, secret identities, and love for cheesecake . . ., ok so not the cheesecake, are obtained by both. Looking a little deeper than surface information, both heroes’ parents passed away when they were very young. Batman’s parents died by the hand of a petty thief in a robbery turned sour, while Superman’s ferternal parents blew up on their home planet Krypton. Another event shared by the soldiers of justice is the fact that both were influenced by their father to become crime fighters. Clark Kent’s father asked him to use his powers and gifts for good. Bruce Wayne’s father was murdered and Bruce felt guilty for not preventing it, therefore creating Batman to help prevent it from happening to anyone else. In addition to the other similarities both characters are part of the same comic brand name, DC Comics.

This allowed the heroes to interact and be on the same team in one particular scenario, Justice League of America was the name of that organization. The Justice league was a type of hero agency where several heroes came together to form a super team referred to as the Super Friends.

Super friends, yes. Super upbringing, yes and no. Superman was born to two superhuman slash geniuses on the planet Krypton. The planet was doomed by natural forces, which would eventually destroy it. Superman’s father predicted this fate and prepared for it while others called his predictions nonsense. Therefore, when the planet’s doom became present Superman’s father had built a prototype of a shuttle that would rocket his family and he to safety. Since it was only a prototype it could only carry very little weight, Superman. Superman’s parents had died and he had crash landed on the planet earth where he was adopted by a married couple (the Kents’) who were farmers in the Mid-West (and named Superman Clark after Mrs. Kents maiden name). By being born on the planet Krypton Superman was born with powers that were neither seen nor heard of by the people of earth. This gave Superman the advantage and convenience of already having superpowers, including super speed, strength, and x-ray vision.

In contrast, Batman was born to wealthy reality owners in Gotham City (some say Gotham is Chicago, others say New York, no one knows for sure). At approximately seven years old Bruce was walking home with his parents after watching The Mask of Zorro, and they were mugged by a small time thief named Joe Chill. Only Two people walked away from that mugging, Bruce and Joe. Bruce had witnessed his parents’ death and would traumatized and full of vengeance for the rest of his life. Bruce inherited an enormous amount of money and Wayne Manor (Bruce Wayne), his home, as well as a new legal guardian Alfred, who is the family butler. Bruce decides at a very young age that he does not want anyone to ever undergo his pain and suffering, and vows to become a master detective and crime fighter. As a young man, Bruce travels all over the world to acquire skills from master martial art teachers and intellectual masterminds. Instead of being born with powers, revenge gave birth in Bruce’s heart and diligent pursuit of expertise haunted his every dream. Therefore, Bruce is a self-made prevention vigilante for Gotham City.

Superman and Batman, they serve they same purpose and fight for the same outcome, good over evil. But the only thing similar about Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne’s childhood is that they were both young. The fact that people are most influenced when they are young and start to obtain their personalities around the age of five suggests that if different circumstances had derived from either situation that Metropolis would have never had a Superman and Gotham City would be a crime ridden vicinity without the Dark Knight. I am glad that the world has the opportunity to partake in the adventures of these DC Comic hereos. Their stories proves that any can go from zero to hero.

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