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Womens Rights Essay Research Paper Equality should

Womens Rights Essay, Research Paper

Equality should not be the goal of the women?s movement. The goal should be?

Over the past century, the women?s movement has exposed and fought against the social discrimination that has been bestowed upon women. Women?s views and their voices were previously silenced in society. It has been through the political and societal activism of the women?s movement that women?s voices are finally beginning to be heard. However, the battle against inequality and social injustice is an ongoing battle. Looking towards the future, it is imperative to look at what the most important issues facing women today are; as we enter a new millennium, equality within education, sexuality, and the workplace should be the main focus of the women?s movement.

Education holds the keys to a successful future. So why is it that a women should not have the same opportunities as men? It boggles the mind to think that in the past women?s options after high school graduation were limited strictly to getting married, staying at home and raising children. After men and universities across this country started accepting the fact that women would be sharing classroom space, other obstacles began to surface. These obstacles include sexual harassment in the classroom, not having freedom of expression (sexual and thoughts) and more recently favoritism between men and women?s intercollegiate sports. The stress of achieving academic success can be overwhelming in college. Women deserve the right to have a safe learning environment, minus the gropes and inappropriate gestures (passes) made by fellow male students and (sadly, but true) male professors and teacher?s assistants. These actions are not only unwelcome, but also disturbing to have to endure day after day. Women should not be embarrassed to speak their minds in class. Everyone has different opinions, so why should so many women feel that they couldn?t express their views on the economy, abortion, welfare and other topics that affect our world? Concerning athletics, male athletes get first pick at classes, more privileges and more help from universities than women athletes do. Even with an increase of interest in women?s basketball and soccer, the sports world is still male dominated in today?s society. For the reason that education is so important, a non-discriminatory learning and working area is necessary for a successful academic career.

Freedom of sexuality is one of the most controversial issues facing our society today. The clash of beliefs concerning what is and what isn?t acceptable is constantly stirring up trouble. Not surprisingly, women are at the center of this controversy. Its seems that in this day and age, a woman cannot be comfortable in her sexuality strictly because she is afraid of stepping on someone?s toes. A woman can be labeled based on her mannerisms, speech, and appearance. Simple actions such as holding your head up high when you walk, not being

afraid to speak your mind, knowing what you want and always looking your best can deem a woman with the title of a ?bitch? or a ?slut?. If a woman dresses in a

simple manner, keeps to herself, and is quiet and shy, she is deemed as a ? good girl? or a ?prude?. Conforming to the norms of society is also one of the many

problems women face. Women are expected to shave, wax, pluck, tuck, deodorize, perfume, powder, lotion, and makeup their bodies. With the absence of healthy, normal-sized women in the media, there is constant pressure to lose weight and follow different diet plans that may be detrimental to our health. The pressure of heterosexuality is also overwhelming to today?s woman. Many of our families, friends and even the media praise only the male/female relationship. However, getting married to someone of the opposite sex, raising a ?traditional? family that includes 2.5 kids and a dog is not an option for many women. A more realistic life style for some women is being involved in a lesbian relationship that would include all the same privileges that a heterosexual relationship would include. Not feeling safe when you walk hand in hand with your lover down the street or being told you cannot adopt a child because of your sexual preference is unacceptable. Women should take pride in themselves, feel good about themselves and be comfortable with the decisions they make without worrying about how it affects anyone else.

In today?s society, a woman in the workplace is not being such a new concept. Nonetheless, women still have to fight for equality when applying for a job and once they are in their place of work, women still do not receive the same opportunities or respect that men do. If a woman has more qualifications and/or

experience that a man has, he may still be hired over her because of his gender. Positions such as president, vice-presidents, and CEO positions are very rarely

held by a woman, as if a female would be incapable of holding such a high position. Sexual harassment in the workplace is also a huge problem. Women are put in positions where their chances of receiving a job or acquiring a higher position are based solely on whether or not they are willing to provide sexual favors for the men in power. Women are constantly victims of verbal abuse in addition to these physical, sexual attacks. Last but not least, women are still being paid less than men and working just as hard, if not harder. After facing all the injustices in the education system to get a degree, it is silly to have to face more once you get into the workplace.

Equality within education, sexuality, and the workplace should be the main focus of the women?s movement as we enter the new millennium. Approaching the future, the fact that there are still so many injustices that occur everyday is an indication that there is something seriously wrong with our society. Women not receiving the same opportunities, respect, and freedom as men simply because of their gender, is unacceptable. Our gender holds no bearing on our ability to be successful in everything and anything we hope to achieve. By discriminating against us as women, society puts a limit on these abilities and makes us seem less capable than men. To use a quote from the Girls Scouts of America, ?I was born in Mississippi, saying ?Yes sir? to all the men; But I found that got me no where, so I will never say it again?. The women?s movement needs to focus on

letting our voices be heard and our demands being met to show that women will not let these inequalities continue.