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Canada Railway Essay Research Paper When in

Canada Railway Essay, Research Paper

When in life you have something established and something that is dependent in you life, it is hard to survive when it is gone. In Canada the VIA rail line is just that, established and a tradition in Canada. To take something such as this away would in fact devastate many different people.

In northern Canada where there are no real roads or other forms of transportation except for the train, it could be devastating for many people. The train helps these people survive. It provides for many all that they need in their everyday lives. It also connects them with the rest of the world. It brings supplies such as medicine and other essentials to areas that are unable to get these things otherwise. If the train were taken away what would people do. Many of their lifestyles would have to change. People would be very lost up in the North if the train were taken away. There would no longer be a connection for those people to the rest of Canada, they would become independent to themselves. These would more or less prove disastrous to the people of this region.

In Canada the railway is also a symbol of change in the region. It unites many different cultures and regions in Canada. It brings people from small towns to the big city and vice versa. It takes people where they thought that they would every go. It take people off a small island and introduces them to the big city life. A chance that many would probably not get if it was not for the rail.

In the video it is shown that the rail itself has many parts of Canada famous. Parts of Canada such as the Canadian Rockies would probably not be as popular if it was not for the rail. Many people would also not be able to see the beauty that is Canada. Canada as many have seen is a very beautiful place. Many are unaware of what is up there though. If the rail were shut down many would still never know what is up there. It connects cost to cost, the Atlantic to the Pacific. It shows Canada for what it really is. If it is shut down Canada will be losing a lot.

The rail system is a tradition in Canada. To eliminate this tradition would be wrong. The government would not only be eliminating the rail system but would also eliminating part of Canada along with it.

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