Crito Essay Research Paper Crito Days before

Crito Essay, Research Paper


Days before the ship arrives in the city of Athens, to take away the life of Socrates, after he has been sentence to death by an unjust jury. Crito one of the closest friends of Socrates tells Socrates to escape and not die because of an unfair cause. Crito also tells Socrates that he has many friends that are willing to sacrifice everything to see him live. That he should escape to near by cities, or far away were no one has ever heard of him. Socrates at first is overwhelmed that many people respect him for what he has done as well think the way he does. Socrates lets down the dream of his friend by giving him examples of what will happen if he trays to escape and they get caught in the act.

Crito goes one morning to the house of Socrates to tell him that it is his duty to save, one of the grates man that ever lived, that he as many people ?would be compelled to lose all our property or forget it? to see you live. That he would not like to be known as the one that could save Socrates and not have done anything to do it, he would not stand to be known as a coward that did not do anything to save a great man. Socrates answer his regrets by telling him that he should not care on what the other say about him, that he should be glad that he is with him at this moment thinking of him. Crito also feels ?ashamed of the behalf of both of us, your friend, lest that has happened to you be thought our cowardice on out part?1. Socrates to make Crito feel not so devastated about what he is being made feel by others tells him ? one should value the good opinion, and not value the bad ones?, with those wise word Crito is being less perseverant about Socrates escaping to another city were he is still going to be considered a menace to society.

Crito is still concerned that they could escape and see Socrates live in distinct cities that is not Athens. Socrates very wise tells his friend thank again, and reminds him of what he has been taught all these years in Athens, that they should not corrupt the souls neither the body. Is it worth living a life that is clean and pure, just as our teachers have taught us. Why should you or anyone live a life that is going to be corrupted by trying to liberate me, when life it self is beautiful and clean, and already is set for you. Why should people risk their necks, their life, and what their children are going to think about the men that are going to act against the government. So let me tell you, what would the government should say if we were to escape and they would find us running away from Athens

Tell me Crito ?when one has an come to an agreement that is just with someone, should one fulfill it or cheat on it?1. ?One should fulfill it? 1, then why Crito, if we had made an agreement with Athens, why should we break all laws that our creator, Athens has made for our protection. And if we break one law, are we not leading a system that will be it fine to break laws, leading to the destruction of Athens. ?Are we not to follow laws?1, and if they are all caught what would the city say

Did we not, bring you to birth, and was it not through us that your father married your mother and begat you. Did we not care for you all these years, then why should you retaliate to your country and laws

It is exactly why you should stop this nonsense once and for all that all or us should be grateful at what our city has done for us all this years. Crito think again, if we were to leave to another city that is well governed ? should we not get there as enemies of the government; that will be know as destroyers of laws and order?1. Are we not going to do the same as we did in Athens ?corrupt the youth and ignorant?1. Should Crito and everyone that are willing to help Socrates, realize that in every city they go to they will have to leave some day because they are going to see themselves in that situation many times in life. ?Is that life worth living? 1.

?Crito my dear Friend if you think this could be accomplished, tell me again, if not let the gods lead us in our life?1. After several hours of talking with his friend, Socrates has cleared all of the good intentions, which would lead to disaster. Crito feels terrible because he cannot help his friend, and the end is the intention that counts, not the acts.


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