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Personal Narritive Essay Research Paper

Personal Narritive Essay, Research Paper

“What happened”? my cousin screamed at me as she came running out the door. While she was yelling at me as I sat there and wondered to myself those same words. Those were the thoughts and words that ran to my head, and were said to me one Saturday afternoon when I wrecked my uncle?s car into my deck at my old house

I was 11 years old entering the 4th grade. All I wanted to do was play kickball. It was nagging at me like a sore tooth. My parents were out to dinner with my uncle and my cousin was baby sitting me. Back then all I ever did was play kickball. I played with the kids in my neighborhood and we would have tournaments. So that day I had invited a bunch of guys over to play. They were all coming over in about a half hour so I had to get everything ready. First I got the ball and bases, and put then out. After I was done o looked over and realized “the car?. It was sitting in the driveway right in the middle of where the action would have taken place. My first reaction was, “oh no we will not be able to play”. Then I looked inside of the car and I saw the keys just laying on the seat like they were saying, “use me please so you can wreck the car”.

So that was my solution. Except one thing I didn?t know how to drive, and it was a stick shift. Those were some pretty big problems too. So I ran inside to ask my cousin if she could move it, but that turned out to be a big no. That didn?t stop me though. There was a kid I knew in the house behind mine, who was older than me so I thought I would try him. He was about 15 at the time and he was one of those kids that says they knew how to do everything. I went over to ask him and of course he agreed with no hesitation. Even though he really had no clue. He got dresser and we went back to my house to face the task at hand.

When we got back to my house, we both got in the car, and he got in the driver seat. Then he tried starting the car but had absolutely no clue, which was a pretty big clue just screaming at me to leave the whole situation alone. But I was determined. So I got in the driver side and put my seat belt on, trying to think and pretend I knew what I was doing. Which I didn?t. But after many tries I finally got the car started. Then I put the shifter in reverse( which I have no clue how I got that far). So I?m thinking to myself, “well this is going to be easy all I have to do is give it gas.” Well if you have ever driven a stick before you know if you let go of the clutch too fast it(the car) is going to jerk and move back real hard, well sure enough that?s what happened. I had did my job though the car was moved, except one thing not all in one piece. The back window of the car was smashed into little pieces, it looked like a neatly spun spider web. The corner of my deck was torn off, and I was in a whole lot of trouble.

Shawn (the kid behind my house) and I got out of the car and were freaked. He ran home, and I don?t think he came back for about three weeks. I myself was in deep trouble. I thought to myself how could I hide it from my parents and uncle before they got home. Well, there was no hiding it, it stuck out like someone wearing a pink suit at a funeral. My next idea was to go to bed and that?s what I did from about 6 o?clock to 11, until my parents came home. They came up stairs where I was sleeping in my sister?s room, hoping they wouldn?t find me their, but they did.

Lucky enough though my uncle is a great guy and very understanding. He pretty much let it all slide by. Except Shawn and I had to split the cost of a new rear window which ended up being about 100 dollars. The worst thing though was there was no more kickball for me anywhere for awhile!


I wrote it my self