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Regilations Essay Research Paper EGYPTGoods Documents Required

Regilations Essay, Research Paper


Goods Documents Required Customs PrescriptionsRemarks

Removal goods.*OBL/AWB consigned to client’s name.*Inventory List.*Work Permit.*Passport.*Residency into Egypt at least for six months.*Duty free entry only for Diplomatic Corps or those who are guaranteed by an Egyptian Ministry.* Letter of Bank Guarantee.Importation of goods within 6 months from date of arrival.

Individuals’ shipments.*OBL/AWB as above.*Inventory List.*Passport.*Present bank letter of guarantee covering duties, or cash deposit as stated by the customs authorities.Both are about 100% reimbursed when goods are re-exported.

Vehicles.*OBL/AWB.*Certificate of origin.*Certificate of manufacturing date (not more than 1 year old).*Ownership proof.*Free for diplomats or for those guaranteed by an Egyptian Ministry.*Otherwise, customs duties are paid. *Vehicles with trip-tickets are allowed to enter only on tourist basis and not more than 3 months. Renewable for another 3 months.No diesel engine allowed.All vehicles should have a catalyst converter for models 1998 and above.Duties 135%.Sales tax from 10% to 25%.

Commercial shipments.*Tax card.*Import license.*Sales tax certificate.*Customs Deal Card.*Bank Form 11.*Original AWB/OBL endorsed from bank.*Invoice must be endorsed from bank.* Receipt for expenses from bank.*Certificate of Origin legalized.*Customs duties.* Sales Tax.* Service Fees.

Alcohol.* Do not ship.*Free for diplomats.*Otherwise 3000% as customs duties and Sales Tax.

Food products, seeds and/or plants.If for commercial purposes: *Certificate of origin legalized.*Import License.*Bank Form 11.*Certificate for manufacturing date on each carton, andnName of consigneenName of ShippernProduct namenProduct expiry date*Radiation Certificate.*Tax Card.*Sales Tax Certificate.*Customs Card Number.*Consumable charges.*Free for diplomats.Must be inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture prior to the clearance.Approval from Ministry of Health and Atomic Energy.

Goods Documents Required Customs PrescriptionsRemarks

Video tapes, cassettes & records, and CDs.*Must be inspected by censorship department prior to clearance of shipment.

Printer & Scanner.* Catalogue* Must be approved by the Ministry of Interior.

Satellite Receiver.* Catalogue* Must be approved by the Ministry of Telecommunications.

Telephones.* Do not ship.* Prohibited Entry

Digital Satellite Receivers & Decoders.* Do not ship.* Prohibited Entry

Books and paintings.*Subject to inspection by the Ministry of Culture prior to clearance.

Firearms.*Prohibited without arrangements and approvals.

Drugs, Narcotics, Pornographic and subversive literature and films.*Prohibited entry.

Duties vary from 5% to 40%.

Sales tax varies from 10% to 30%.

Service fees from 3% to 5%.

Please Note ?

Please be aware that due to the ever-changing customs regulations, the duration to clear and release shipments of household goods in the Egyptian Ports take from 15 to 21 days.

Express International recommends using the Port of Alexandria for all shipments of household goods – as the other ports are not suitable for clearing such shipments.