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Little Big Man Essay Research Paper Little

Little Big Man Essay, Research Paper

Little Big Man

In the following paragraphs I will be explaining the thematic importance of Jacks association with George Armstrong Custer.

Custer was born in New Rumley, Ohio, and spent much of his childhood with a half-sister in Monroe, Michigan. He was court-martialed and saved from punishment only by the huge need for officers with the outbreak of the Civil War. Custer did unexpectedly well in the Civil War.

He fought in the First Battle of Bull Run, and served with panache and distinction in the Virginia and Gettysburg campaigns. Although his units suffered enormously high casualty rates, his fearless aggression in battle earned him the respect of his commanding generals and increasingly put him in the public eye.

In July of 1866 Custer was appointed lieutenant colonel of the Seventh Cavalry. The next year he led the cavalry in a muddled campaign against the Southern Cheyenne. In late 1867 Custer was court-martialed and suspended from duty for a year for being absent from duty during the campaign. In the eyes of the army, Custer redeemed himself by his 1868 November attack on Black Kettle’s band on the banks of the Wa*censored*a River. Custer was sent to the Northern Plains in 1873, where he soon participated in a few small skirmishes with the Lakota in the Yellowstone area.

Jack got into many fights with Custer, now Jack is out to kill him. Jack hates Custer because he kills the Cheyenne people. Jack tries to find out were Custer is from Hickok. Jack sees Custers wife and says that she is the prettiest woman that he has ever seen. Jack calls Custer his enemy so that is how u can tell how much Jack wants to kill him.

One day Jack say Custer and started talking to him. Then Custer kicked him out and Jack wouldn’t leave so for some reason Custer starts laughing and listens to what Jack has to say. Jack didn’t kill him then but tries again later on in the book.

In conclusion you can see that Jack does not like Custer a bit but he does think that Custers wife is very pretty. Jack sets out to kill Custer the man who killed his people, the Cheyenne.