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Dying Well Essay Research Paper

Dying Well Essay, Research Paper

“Dying Well”

Death is one of the main pillars to Life because it proves that nothing is living forever, and everything in life even life itself will end. Death is part of the life every creature in this earth. Everybody is written to die someday by God either a good death or a bad death. Although some people cause death by killing others and on the other hand some people die of natural causes. In both cases fate decide when it happens, but this knowledge is over the human mind.

Most religions especially the three Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism believe in death and life after death. If I was to compare both then I would say that Life is like a farm, if you treat it well and take care of it then it will produce you good green fruit and you will reap what you sow. However, if you leave it dry and do not water it with good deeds then it will end up getting dry and yellow. This means that after death nothing else counts except good deeds. Indeed God’s mercy counts on top of everything. All the wealth and the money will not count. These material things must be used as a tool to get to a higher aim in life which is living after this life in heaven. Death is the end of the test that God puts on this life for human beings.

We should strive to be the righteous man, to embrace it and reflect through our words and actions. This path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil man. By having a strong moral and character, one is able to preserve righteousness and enable oneself to die and enter the life after death without sins. The god’s way of life as described, for example, in the Bible or the Qu’ran will most definitely provide a guide for a sacred deathbed.

When thinking about death we are reminded of man’s own mortality and nature. Just like other creatures we are naturally selected to die by nature. Thus we must fear death and what come after that, because it is all part of God creation and test to us human in this life. By fearing death, we will act more closely to God, by praying and following Gods law.