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When The Wind Blows Essay Research Paper

When The Wind Blows Essay, Research Paper

The title of my book is When The Wind Blows. The author is James


The story takes place in Colorado. Most of the setting is Rural

Colorado, where the famous Rocky Mountains are used as scenery by the author.

James Patterson lets you feel as though you are wandering through the untouched

wilderness, the unspoiled beauty of another place in time. Mountain lions, moose,

deer, wild flowers, you never know what to expect next.

Frannie O Neil is a veterinarian. Since her husbands death she lives

alone, keeping mostly to herself. She is young, attractive, and devoted to helping

the animals she loves. Kit Harrison is a young FBI agent who lost his wife and

children in a terrible plane accident. His boss thinks Kit is consumed with grief over

the loss of his family and orders him to take a vacation. But Kit is obsessed with a

case he d been working on since before the death of his family. Frannie O Neill

unknowingly plays a big part in it.

One night Frannie is out. It s dark, she s had a bit too much wine and

swears she saw a child flying. She scours the woods searching for this creature and

eventually gives up. She can t tell anyone because they d think she was crazy, drunk or both. Kit

however, knows she isn t crazy. Eventually he finds out what Frannie saw.

Her name is Max. She s eleven years old and she can fly. She is not alone.

There are other children who can fly just like her. They have wings, human body parts, functioning

just as humans do. Except they are superior to us.

The author brings us into a world we have probably thought about at one time or

another. How much is true? Can doctors, scientists do the unimaginable. Do we think it is right,

or do we believe they are going against Gods wishes?

The author maybe wants to let us know, hey this is or can happen. How will we

deal with it. You can have good or evil. There will always be those who see dollar signs and a

means to exploit modern science. I think James Patterson believes that science and technology

are great. But it can only be beneficial to us if scientists use it in a good way. Great discoveries

used in a bad way can be devastating.