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School Uniforms Essay Research Paper Should Students

School Uniforms Essay, Research Paper

Should Students in Public schools be required to wear unifoms?

Should Students in Public Schools Wear Uniforms? No, There are many points to

be made on why uniforms should not be in public schools. You have to really look into

depth on what uniforms really do and not use them as an excuse for school problems.

Wearing uniforms does not solve gang violence due to the fact that what makes a person

lash out is on the individual of that person. All violence can not be associated with gang

violence. As I quote “do not judge a book by its cover.” Having uniforms would cause

more problems and take away freedom of wearing what you want.

Exactly what uniforms are supposed to hide? Saying uniforms create more

discipline is way off. Most likely uniforms will create more tension between the students

and the teachers and how will we prepare our young ones for the future if they have to

rely on having their wardrobe being chosen for them every day? They need to make their

own decisions.

American Civil Liberties union of Massachusetts reported that due to the new

release of uniforms in Laurence High School, attendance of students has dropped rapidly,

and 600 students have been given detention and 200 have been suspended. Obviously

what did the point of having uniforms solve? Fashion competition in Schools today isn’t a

problem it s the fact that the clothes aren’t causing the problem, it is the Teenagers. If I

weren’t so worried about fashion then why are we having uniforms in the first place? To

prove my point, you might see a trend in some families where children’s peers often dress like them, and I feel music might have an affect on how teens dress.

Finally school uniforms violates the rights of Students. The first amendment allows

you to express yourself, which means that we should let everyone have a say. Most

teenagers like to express themselves and would not want uniforms, and they would be

affected the most by this policy. Hitler, KKK, etc. all wore uniforms in one way

or another but under the uniform they were still themselves. If every person in America

wore uniforms would it solve? .

We should remember our rights, as Americans we can express ourselves freely.

Wearing our own clothes gives a sense of freedom. By trying to put more rules on

students they will only be more angered. Everyone grows up some day and adults should

know that they can’t control teenagers forever. They will have to learn how to do things

on there own and take care of their own children.