South American Rainforest Destruction Essay Research Paper

South American Rainforest Destruction Essay, Research Paper

Rain forests are a critical part of everyday life. Even if you don’t live near a rain forest, you still can feel the effects of the rain forest. Take a deep breath. The air you are breathing comes from the rain forests, as they are known as the ‘lungs of the world.’

Rain forest destruction is a hotly debated topic all over the world. The farmers want the land for more crops; the ecologists want to save the rain forests because of endangered species. It is said that more wood is burned just to make room for farmers than is actually used for lumber. This is disturbing to some people who feel that the wood should not be burned but used for lumber.

Personally and professionally, the rain forest would not have very much impact in my lifestyle or career. As a math teacher the only affect that might be foreseeable is the fact that there might not be any wood to make the paper for the books. Other than that there is not anything that could impact my career. Personally the only thing foreseeable is the fact that people might not be able to breathe very well in the coming decades. The ’supposed’ Greenhouse effect will make the earth hotter and destroy crap and plants. With this plants and trees and crops destroyed there will be less oxygen to breathe, therefore making it harder to breathe.

In Costa Rica, the rain forests act as a tourist attraction. The forests are not in an isolated section of the county as they are in Brazil. In Costa Rica, the destruction of the rain forests could mean less tourists and therefore less money for the country. In Brazil, the farmers need more and more land. The only place to go is into the rain forest. The only other thing to do is to not farm, but that is impossible, as they could not get any other jobs.

Some possible solutions for a compromise is to burn only a little of the forest at a time, with ecologists looking on to make sure no plants or animals that are endangered are killed. Another solution is to let the farmers do what they want, it is their land and they could do what they want with it. Or another solution is to ban cutting into the rain forest altogether. Basically these are the only solutions that are viable.

Looking at the destruction of the world’s lungs shows that there is a lot of lung cancer. This cancer needs to be dealt with in ways that are only being thought of as this report is being read.


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