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Candide Essay, Research Paper


In the book Candide, which was written by Voltaire, the character Candide lived in a beautiful castle that was owned by the Baron. His tutor in Westphalia was a philosopher by the name of Dr. Pangloss. Dr. Pangloss was the recognized authority in the household on all matters of learning, and Candide listened to his teachings with faith. However he was banished by the Baron because he say him kiss his daughter. After this situation Candide had to put to work everything that his teacher, Dr. Pangloss taught him. Candide comes across different situations on his journey and tries to apply Pangloss philosophies but gradually comes to questions them. He becomes discouraged and commences to inquiry is everything for the best?

During Candide journey, he comes across both courteous and heinous people that cause him to think more about his dear Pangloss? philosophies. When these dreadful things would occur he would start questioning the cause and effect Dr. Pangloss spoke about. One day when Candide was walking he came across a beggar covered in sores. His nose was rotted away and his teeth were black, it was Pangloss. Candide asked him quickly about Cun?gonde and of what caused him so many misfortunes. He explains that he was infected by a disease Paquette had and that Cun?gonde was dead. Candide couldn?t understand how a kiss could have caused such a horrible effect and how his wonderful tutor could be infected with a dreadful disease. Pangloss explained that this all was a necessary ingredient in this best of worlds. Candide for now was satisfied with his answer and said he could listen to Pangloss forever.

Dr. Pangloss is hanged when he is heard preaching his Universal Reason and Candide gets arrested as well for listening. Again Candide starts to question this, ?if this is the best of all possible worlds what would the rest be like?? Candide thinks about the awful things that have occurred and realizes that even if you?re a good person you will still have misfortunes. He tries to search for the answer for why these things happen to people that don?t deserve that outcome in life.

Candide travels to a new world searching were Pangloss philosophies could make some sense. He believes the world they live in is full of moral and physical acts that no one can answer. He reaches a land called Eldorado were he notices some children playing with some gold. Candide becomes amused with the significance money plays in their daily life. He also comes to find out they don?t have a set religion or a form of government. Candide stays a month in the palace and decides to ask His Majesty for some of their riches. He believes with this money he could not only rescue Cun?gonde but also be the richest man in Europe. Candide would have like to stay but his commitment to Cun?gonde didn?t let him.

Once again on his journey Candide meets a man by the name of Martin. This man has also had many misfortunes in his life. Candide decides to bring him on his journey to find Lady Cun?gonde. During his journey Candide asks him what he believes about moral and physical evil? Martin goes on to explain he has experienced and seen so much cruelty that he believes that some force of evil creates us. Candide continues to ask Martin for his opinion on topics that Pangloss and him discussed. He thinks it would be interesting if they could have both meet.

During there voyage Candide and Martin decided to make a bet. Candide believes he could find a least one person that is genuinely happy. Martin believes there is little happiness in this world, except maybe in Eldorado. So they invited this monk and his girl to dinner. Candide was convinced that they were happy. The girl ended up being Pacquette and the last thing she spoke about was happiness. She spoke very freely about all the horrible things that have occurred during the time Candide left the castle. Candide was confused why she seem so happy when all this misfortunes have occurred to her. Pacquette assured him that all was merely an act. Candide new Martin already won half of the bet.

Candide still had hope that the Monk was happy. He noticed that he looked healthy and seemed content with his condition in the church. But the Brother when on to say that he would be happier if his whole order went to the bottom of the sea. Candide ended up giving them money hoping this would give them some sense of happiness, but Martin knew it wouldn?t. If anything it would make them unhappier.

I believe that in conclusion Candide didn?t feel as strong as he original felt about Pangloss philosophies because his future wasn?t the best of all possible worlds. After he was banished from the Baron castle his dreams were of one day being with Lady Cun?gonde. His dear Cung?gonde was not the same person Candide dreamed about one day marrying. She was no longer something untouchable in Candide life and now that he could have her Candide wasn?t sure if he still truly wanted her. Martin was right that no matter how much money Candide gave Paquette and the monk they were still not going to be truly happy and like Candide he reached his dreams of Cun?gonde and he also wasn?t still satisfied with his outcome on life. So are we ever truly happy in our best or worlds?


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