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What Is Geography Essay Research Paper What

What Is Geography Essay, Research Paper

What is Geography

In the article ?La geografia: construccion social de una disciplina.? We are shown the standing of geography in modern society. As a discipline the world does not see the use or the actual function that geographers have. It tells a story of a geographer who is presented with the question ?What does a geographer do?? He (the geographer) goes on to say that it is sad that geographers don?t have a short, simple and precise way of explaining what a geographer does.

The importance of geography is apparent to those who have been exposed to its many aspects

but to the untrained eye, the question of what a geographer does, is a valid one.

People do not see the everyday importance of geography as it relates to our immediate surroundings. Once you have a basic understanding of the, ?why? behind geography you can appreciate it?s importance in everyday life. The thing is that geography as a science covers a wild field of study so people are sure of its function in modern society.

He goes on to say that the reason for the general ignorance toward geography on behave of the masses is the lack of value placed on it by primary and secondary school curriculums. Kids are taught the very minimum of geography; the bodies of water, the capitals of the country where they live. This type of poor subject matter gives raise to the attitude towards geography later on in life.

We are told that math is important and we take math classes all through high school, but I myself recall taking one geography class in 7th grade and that was all. So to change the way people see geography the author feels that more importance should be given to it from the get go of our academic carriers.

The author also relates that geographers and their work is valued even by the governments.

He gives an example of the government does not take the expertise of geographers when planing different government projects. An example is give of a UN meeting to access the problem with under developed countries. The UN felt that geographers were not right for the job. This then results in an idea that geography is useless in the real world, which in turn cause a vicious cycle where if it?s not important in the future, why teach it now.

What they tell you as soon as you get out of high school is to study something that will make you money, not do what you love but what will make you rich. The author quotes a study where employers did not find having a diploma in geography as an advantage in the work force. In other words it is better to know about something other than geography. They found more value in a persons ?people skills? than in fact that they had an abundant amount of knowledge in the field of geography. Thus the cicle continues.

In this article I did not find a clear cut answer to the question ?What is geograhy?, instead what I got from it was, ?what geography is to the world? The author seems to be frustrated with the way his science is looked upon by an unknowing and uncaring would. I think the fundamental idea that he wants to get across is that more value needs to be placed on the study of geography. So that in the future it?s paracticle aplications will not be missed by the masses. Thus, giving more people the incentive to want to study geography, and use its many beneficial fields of study in everyday life.