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Drug Abuse Essay Research Paper Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse Essay, Research Paper

Drug Abuse

Like perscription drugs, illegal drugs are powerfull substances. People use drugs for

mind altering reasons. Illegal drugs can change the way the brain normally works. When

some who uses drugs there judgement,thinking,feelings and actions change along with

there apperiance. When pepole use cocaine for the first time they enjoy the “high”. After

using cocain over time you begin to lose weight because the effects of the drug cause you

to lose your appetit. You also find your self having trouble sleeping and you are often in a

bad mood.

Illegal drugs also can cause unwanted side effects. These effects are different with each

person: these effects include upset stomach,dizzenes,drowsiness,headache,vomiting,or

vision problems.No one can predict the negetive effects drugs can have on a persons body.

If someone takes a drug for over a long period off time, the person can develope an

addiction. If a person becomes addicted the person can develope psychological or mental

dependence on the drug.With psychological dependence, a person feels the need to keep

on taking the drug in order to get the effect they want.With physical dependence,a person

the person who stops taking the drug will suffer withdrawl symptoms which means the

person will feel uncomfotable and sick. also sometimes pepole can develope both

psycological and phisical dependece on a drug.

The drug caffene is classified as a stimulant. All stimulants increase heart rate,breathing

and blood pressure. They also make the person who is taking the drugs feel alert and very

hyper. But if you take caffiene in large quantities it can make you unstable and it can also

make you unable to go to sleep. Takeing drugs whether its an over the counter

medication,perscription drugs, or illegal drugs they all have an effect on the brain and how

the body of that person works. Illegal drugs change the way the way the way the brain

works. The brains abillity to recieve information and to reponed to it in the right way is

also changed because of the use of drugs. This can eventually effect your nervous

system,respitory system,digestive system, or your circulatory system. All these systems

cordinate and control your body to function properly. Theses systems give your body the

correct information that leads to a quick response from your body.

When a drug enters the body, it moves into the blood. The blood then carrys the drug

through the rest of the body including the brain and the nervous system. The brain and the

spinal cord make up the central nervous system, the central nervous system is involved in

almost every task that your body performs. Illegal drugs such as cocaine and marajuana

cause the brain to recieve information incorrectly and then the brain will respond with

incorrect information. If two pepole take the same drug they will react differently even if

you misuse a drug the two pepole will still react differnetly. This happens because the drug

changes the central nervous system, how fast these changes occurs depends on the,drug

itself,amount and how often the drug is used,the persons age and health,and interactions

with other drugs in the body.Drug interactions can increase or decrease one of the drugs

effects. Or a new reaction can occur, if the drug is used alone.

Inhaled drugs take effect faster because they move quickley into the blood and then are

carried out through out the body. Drugs taken by the mouth take effect slower because

the drug starts working after it reaches the small intestine. If you take a drug over a long

period of time you begin to develope a tolerance a tolerance reduces response to the drug.

The drug will no longer be as effective as it was the first time you would have taken it.

Most illegal drugs are not pure. To make more money , dealers would add ingredients that

are not expensive to purchase such as babypowder an sugar, rat poision, baking soda and

backing powder. When these ingredents are add to a drug they can cause unexpected and

dangerous reactions they can also kill you.

Marajuana ic a type of drug that increases heart rate, pulse rate, and appetit. It also

causes red eyes, dry mouth and throat, it causes you to be very paniky and nervous you

can lose memory it can change your senses on how you think and behave, you also get

very weak and lack of motivation, your personality changes and sonner or later you begin

to develope a psychological addiction, feeling that you need more of the drug.Another

harmful type of drug are depresents these drugs slow down the central nervous system.

Relax muscles, relieve pain and they make sure that they make you get real tierd and

sleepy. These drugs can also make you feel disorented or they could make you look drunk

and dizzy not only do they make you look dizzy they also make you feel dizzy. It also

gives you a weak and rapid pulse, low blood presure, breathing problems ,coma and you

could also die. These drugs also have a high risk of addiction.

Stimulants are a type of drugs that speed up the central nervous system. These drugs

also speed up and increase the pulse rate, body teperatre, blood pressure, and arthrites.

These drugs also cause headaches, hard to sleep and dizzy feelings, you also lose your

appetite, and your vision becomes blurry. Stimulants can also cause death by heart or

breathing failure. Stimulants also have a high risk of addiction. Another type of addictive

drug that is legal is alchole. alchole has been around for centuries and have become a part

in the customs of pepole all around the world. All types of alchole are very intoxicating

and can cause drunkness. Alchole has played in various cultures and may shed some light

on why drinking alcholic beverages are so popular. Alchole is very dangerous when you

are drinking alchole and driving at the same time this causes you to get killed and to

causes you to get killed and to also hurt others, many pepole have died due to drinking

and driving.

All drugs have an effect on the body, and all drugs have the power to cause you harm

in different ways. When taking perscription drugs follow the doctors orders on how to

take them if you do not know how to take them you can over dose. And you have to stay

away from illegal drugs the reason they are illegal is because they are all nothing but

trouble and un healthy for your body.