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The Scarlet Letter And The Differences Between

Dimmesdale And Chillingworth Essay, Research Paper

In this book, two of the main characters are in complete contrast of each other regarding the effect of sin on their lives.

Arthur Dimmesdale has a terrible secret. His secret is so great that it could ruin his life forever. The secret that so haunts him is the fact that he committed adultery along with Hester and created a baby girl named Pearl. He is so scared to tell the people because they hold him in such high regard. He is shaped into a shy, quiet, withdrawn man from this horrible incident that was created.

Roger Chillingworth has an even more deceivious secret. Only one other person knows who he really is and that person is Hester Prynne. He is secretly Hester?s husband that has been gone for 2 or more years. He doesn?t want people to know who he is so he can torture Dimmesdale without his knowing of it. His secret shapes him into an evil, mean, manipulative person.

Chillingworth acts very cruel to Dimmesdale and Hester after learning their secret. He knows from the beginning that Dimmesdale is the father of Pearl. He fells as though Arthur Dimmesdale has sinned in a way worse than Hester has. He set out to torture Arthur. He moves into Dimmesdale?s home to play with his mind and practice bad medicine upon him. He shows one that he is a bad person from the minute he starts playing his games.

Dimmesdale is very different the Chillingworth so, of course, his reaction to Chillingworth?s secret is very different. His very first reaction is anger towards Hester. He cannot believe that she would keep such an important secret like this one from him. The worst thing about his reaction is he is very upset that Chillingworth deceived him. But out of all of this, he never gets mad at Chillingworth, just Hester. His finally forgiving Hester and just being upset not mad at Chillingworth shows even though he committed a sin he is still a good person with a kind heart.

Through these two characters, one can see the difference between good and evil.

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