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Cancer Essay Research Paper I can still

Cancer? Essay, Research Paper

I can still hear the medical tape being slowly pulled off of her skin. I was only ten the fact that my mother could die never entered my realm of thinking. It would take eight more years for me to fully understand and respect the physical and mental struggles my mother had gone through with her fight against Breast Cancer.

I can remember going to radiation treatment with my mother and as she laid on the table to receive the treatment, she never took her eyes off of me. She always kept a smile on her face, to reassure me things were to be just fine. As I look back upon her face, pass the bright smile I can see the pain in her eyes. The pain she was feeling inside, the pain she hid from me, so that I may carry on.

My mother worked everyday up till the day the pain was unbearable and she was hospitalized. Being a woman of recent divorce, my mother felt it was her duty to be a mother first, take care of her family. Then be a cancer patient. She tried hard to show the fact that she was sick. She would go to PTA meetings, my piano recitals, come home, cook a full dinner and help me with my homework. She remained strong throughout her whole battle

My mother’s battle with the cancer lasted for months on end. Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter would pass, the entire time my mother kept her faith, and trusted that everything would turn out fine.

Her faith, her trust and willpower kept her safe throughout, the long battle, a battle she conquered.

During her recession, my mother worked hard to spread the word about Breast cancer and the importance of self- examination to all of her family and friends. She continues to do so throughout the city.

Mother’s faith and trust throughout this whole ordeal taught me a valuable lesson, to keep faith no matter what the situation. She taught me to always think positive, that there is always happiness at the end of the road.

My mother’s mental and physical strength influenced me a great deal. Because of my mother I now understand why faith and willpower are the two key factors to making it threw life. She has taught me to fight foe what I want, fight for what is right. My mother fought for her life and she continues to this day to fight the battle against cancer.

Because of my mother I am able to travel through life with full faith and happiness. Because of my mother, I am a stronger person.