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Scream 3 Essay Research Paper Scream is

Scream 3 Essay, Research Paper

Scream is a movie created by Wes Craven (creator of A Nightmare on Elm Street) is a turn of the tables on the typical horror flick. The problem with today s slasher movies is that the character s are all one-note stereotypes, the plots are ridiculous, the action always follows the same dreary pattern, and the only creative effort is in the new bloody makeup effects. Wes Craven changes all this. He reinvents what makes going to the movie such a thrill by scaring you all over again.

The killer in Scream is very eccentric, in that, he can quote literally all of every other horror film ever made! He uses this talent by terrorizing certain teens in a California town. At the top of the killer s list is Sidney who is played by Neve Cambell. Her past is what has makes her the killer s target. Her mother died one-year back in a brutal murder, (which is somehow linked to the killer) so she is too depressed to make time for her boyfriend (Skeet Ulrich.) She is also very upset at a tabloid-TV reporter (”Friends” co-star Courtney Cox) because her book claims that Sidney pointed at the wrong guy responsible for her mother s death.

The first scene of Scream, in which Drew Barrymore is used as the killer s first success, makes the audience sit at the edge of their seats throughout the rest of the movie! First, Barrymore gets a mysterious call while making popcorn. Just few minutes later, a failed trivia quiz made by the killer about “Friday the 13th” leads to a murder that puts a small California community on the alert.

David Arquette, who played Dooy, is goofily charming as a semi-naive deputy who’s infatuated with Cox. He is a less than qualified deputy who is truly committed in attempting to keep his sister, her best friend Sidney, and of course Courtney Cox safe.

The real action of the movie really gets rolling at a teen keg party – the prime location for any slice-and-dice movie. As the party s guest list rapidly shrinks, Sidney s video-obsessed friend Randy explains the three rules of surviving a horror flick. Number one being, never have sex. The second is, never do drugs or alcohol, and the third is never say “I ll be right back.”

Sidney says to him “But this is life – it isn’t a movie.” Instantly she’s given a wake-up call: “Yes it is, Sid, it’s all one big movie.” Very soon, she will be given evidence. Typically, the bimbo in a horror movie always runs up the stairs instead of out the door, and if they do go out the door, they always stupidly run back into the house! Wes Craven mocks these actions, but at the same time, twists them back into new frightening scenes!

Sid has to show the killer that she is less of a stereotypical girl then “it” thinks. But will she able to before its too late? The movie Scream is very creative and breaks away from the mainstream horror flick movies in that it lets you have it both ways- it lets you laugh and it also makes you gasp in the face of fear!