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Pearl Harbor Essay Research Paper It is

Pearl Harbor Essay, Research Paper

It is impossible to change the past, so this causes people to question if certain

situations could have been prevented. No one can forever be sure, but I strongly feel

that one incident definitely could have been. This was the attack on Pearl Harbor

by the Japanese

On December 7, 1941, the U.S. troops stationed on the island of Pearl

Harbor were not waken up by the familiar sound of a bugle, but instead by gunfire

and explosions. This is what it might have been like if you were one of the troops at

Pearl Harbor. This attack was important because it led to other events in World

War II. Some of these events were America’s involvement in the war and the

dropping of the Atom Bomb at Hiroshima. Yet, a question asked by man still

remains as an important topic, could have this all been prevented?

To be able to come to a conclusion to this answer one must research the

topic to have a better understanding of the situation presented.

The emperor of Japan at the present time of World War II was Emperor

Hirohito. After he joining the Axis Powers he started dominating other countries,

cities, and island in and around Japan that belonged to countries who opposed the

Axis Powers.

After World War II started Japan grew angry with the U.S. for aiding China

in defense from Japan. Japan was angered for the U.S. would not enter the war, yet

they were defending countries. As a result of this Japan decided to make a visit of

peace to the U.S. They made the trip in November of 1941. During this “peace” trip

Japan made three

proposals to the government. They were to stop aiding China, to stay out of Asian

affairs, and to resume shipment of petroleum to Japan. President Franklin D.

Roosevelt and Secretary of State Hull, along with other cabinet members, were

inflexible and unwilling to participate.

At this time great tension is building between Japan and the U.S. The United

States was aware of the anger of the Japanese, and willingness to attack, yet no

preparations or precautions were made. Any preparation is credible if it could

prevent the loss of so many American lives. The fleet of the United States were

viewed as a

?sitting duck? at Pearl Harbor. The U.S. didn’t stop to realize how one simple

attack could simply wipe out most of the United States fleet.

Yet, the knowledge of the information was not used in preventing the loss of

many American lives. The U.S. suffered heavy casualties in their Naval fleet. Some

of the ships that were destroyed were the U. S. S. Arizona, the Pennsylvania, the

Maryland, and

the West Virginia.

The major results off the bombing of Pearl Harbor were the involvement of

the United States in World War II. Some are skeptical and led to believe that

Roosevelt wanted to use the attack as an excuse to enter the war and not to prepare

for the attack.

With all the knowledge of the Japanese hostility, anger, and willingness to

attack the U.S. did not prepare. Knowing what was obvious the U.S. should have

prepared. Preparation made not have been needed if the U.S. was more flexible in

negotiations. Both sides can be viewed, but the question will still remain. My

answer is a definite


In today’s society there are many violent acts from High School students

involving guns. Other students claim to have known the attacking student was

carrying a gun, or planned to, yet nothing was done to prevent the situation. This is

a very similar situation as with the attack on Pearl Harbor. A sad point is society

and people have yet

to change.