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Military Force In The 21st Century Essay

, Research Paper

What military force we will see in the next millennium will not be conventional.

Conventional military force, Defined as: the movement of mass armies across frontiers.

I?m not saying that this won?t happen but the likelihood of two states, especially major powers fighting each other will be very small.

What we will be witnessed to is more a strategic warfare, Limited wars.

My first point is that Nationalism and Religion will still be the main reason states and people go to war. These causes are still The most recent

Nationalistic fighting in the former Yugoslavia and the further discord in Kosovo.

?The Vanity of nationalism, the will to spread and ideology, the protection of kinsmen in an adjacent land, the desire for more territory or commerce, the avenging of a defeat or insult, the craving for greater national strength or independence, the wish to impress or cement alliances- all these represent power in different wrappings. The conflicting aims of rival nations are always conflicts of power.?

Quoted from Geoffery Blainely, from the Causes of war.

In the future Religious fanatics, Such as the famous Osama Bin Laden . a famous terroist. Was linked to the Bombing of the world trade center and the bombing of U.S military barracks in Africa and the middle east. I

?We are sure of our victory against the Americans and the Jews as promised by the prophet: judgment day shall not come until the Muslim fights the Jew, where the Jew will hide behind trees and stones, and the tree and the stone will speak and say, ?Muslim, behind me is a Jew. Come and kill him?

Bin Laden, Febuarary 99, esquire.

The United States is the most powerful country in the world, generating a quarter of the worlds wealth.

They have the most powerful military complex with a defense budget five times any other state.


The United States will decide if we are to face a peaceful world in the next century. They will have to remain the worlds dominant actor in international politics. If they decide to relax, and decide they can?t accept the fact that being the worlds most dominant power will cause casualties and will b, and thus becoming Isolationalist. The world would become more

U. S military power is found all over the globe in most major hot spots.

found in the Persian gulf,

It acts as a buffer between Taiwan and china and N& S. korea .

It is the united states that is protecting the world from breaking out into another conventional war, but they do

In the future what we will witness a type of warfare no

We must remember that at the end WWI we thought we fought the last war , but twenty years later we did it again in WWII, and for the next fifty years after that we continuously threatened to blow each other up.

And before all of that, going back to the ancient civilizations and beyond, Egypt and Mesopotamia, we still fought each other. War is in our blood. Unfournately it?s humanities best and most developed invention. It is far from going away.