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Byzantine Islamic Empires Comparison Essay Research Paper

Byzantine Islamic Empires Comparison Essay, Research Paper

Byzantine and Islamic


q Introduction

Both the Islamic and in the Byzantine Empires had very important social structures. There are differences between the two Empires in all aspects, however both were successful. The Byzantine was part of the great Roman Empire and the Islamic Empire was built on religious belief.

q Comparison in art

In the Islamic society visual arts are decorative, and colorful. The Islamic art was influnced by the religion in the area. The Byzantine Art was uniform and prefected within a ridged tradition rather than by personal whim. Byzantine art included architecture, paintings, miniature arts, embroidery, gold work and enamel work. Islamic art included ceramics, glass, metal work, textiles, manuscript illustration, and woodwork. The characteristic art style of the Islamic Empire was arabesque. Architecture of the early Byzantine Empire favored the use of large domes and vaults. In the top of these domes was a painting of the Pantocractor {the almighty god}. Islamic people used domes for there most famous religious architecture, Dome of the Rock. Islamic people used calligraphy in manuscript and in architecture.

q Comparing Religion

Islamic people believed in one all-powerful, merciful, and just god. The Byzantine believed in the Greco-Roman religion until the Byzantine people started to convert to Christianity. The Emperor Justinian tried to unite the Byzantine Empire under one Christian church. Islamic people live by a set of moral codes and follow their god. Muhammad is considered a prophet and considered divine.

q Comparing Moral Codes

Islamic people are order to honored their parent and show kindness to their neighbor, protect orphans and widows and give to the poor. The Byzantine people ordered pagan people to go to church and all people. All unconverted people could not get privilege of inheritance. In Constantinople homosexuality was common and Justinian was concerned that the wrath of god would swallow the city of sin.

q Comparing warship practices

Islamic people express their devotion in prayers done five times a day at sunrise, noon, afternoon, sunset and in the evening. The Byzantine people used chant and hymns sometimes. St. Ramanos Melodos wrote some of the more famous hymns. In the Islamic culture people pilgrimage back to the Mecca for special worship at a certain time of the year. In the Byzantine Empire people learned to used literacy through the church and did not need to be wealthy to do. This was one of the first chances for common people to learn how to read and write.

q Conclusion

Although the Byzantine Empire collapsed long ago, it can still be compared to the Islamic Empire in how great it was. They both had social developments that made some important advances. The government and art where both affected by strong religion in both empires. Both were great empires at there time with there own unique and shared qualities.

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