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Slavery Beginning To End A Brief Summary

Slavery, Beginning To End A Brief Summary Essay, Research Paper

Slavery has long been a problem in the U.S. People would say America is the land of the free, always has been, not so. Slavery first began in America with people who were usually immigrants named indentured servants. These “indentured servants” could earn their freedom, however labor was long and difficult. Later on, when the agriculture of America began to increase, more servants were needed, and this is when the slave trade really began to set in.

Cotton plantations and other agricultural organizations were looking for a new source of labor. Native indians were not good workers for a few reasons. For one, they knew the land and were able to escape, for two they had a native language in which they could speak if need be and communicate with neigboring indian communities. This enabled them to escape if they need to. So, the owners of the plantations decided to look elsewhere for labor. This is when Africa became a potential source.

African tibes had long been in conflict with eachother and the leaders were willing to exchange slaves for food, spices, or other goods. Therefore a trade triangle was developed between the Americans and tribal leaders. Slaves were often carried on large ships with little human care. Death was not uncommon, around %30 of the passengers died of sickness, suffication, or suicide. Ironically, surviving the ships perhaps was worse than dying on them.

The Arican Americans that made it to America were given jobs. There were different types of jobs that could be assigned.

Field workers were the most common. This was the hardest work and had the biggest physical consequences. The next were house slaves, these slaves helped around the house and did all the chores. The highest class slaves were named artisans. These slaves had a special skill in a certain labor. For example, one coulc be skilled at masonry, carpentry, etc. These slaves had the most freedom, and at times were even rewarded for their labor.

As most know, opposition towards slaver grew. Eventually The Civil War broke out and Slavery was abolished. Unfortunately the results of this were varied. The anger between the two races is still very evident despite work on relations by both races. It gets better, but has never been fully resolved.