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Rommel Erwin Essay Research Paper Rommel Erwin

Rommel, Erwin Essay, Research Paper

Rommel, Erwin (Johannes Eugen) 1891 German field marshal, born in Heidenheim, Germany. He studied at T bingen, fought in World War 1, taught at Dresden Military Academy, and became an early Nazi sympathizer. He commanded Hitler’s headquarters guard during the early occupations, and led a Panzer division during the 1940 invasion of France. He then commanded the Afrika Korps, where he achieved major successes. Eventually driven into retreat by a strongly reinforced Eighth Army, he was withdrawn, a sick man, from North Africa, and appointed to an Army Corps command in France. Returning home wounded in 1944, he condoned the plot against Hitler’s life. After its discovery, he committed suicide.Born in Heidenheim, Germany. Educated at T bingen. WWI: Distinguished himself. He was an instructor at the Dresden Military Academy and an early Nazi sympathizer. WWII: 1937-39:Commanded Hitler’s headquarters during the Austrian, Sudetenland and Czech occupations and throughout the Polish campaign. 1940: Lead a panzer division during the invasion of France. Displayed such drive and initiative that he was appointed to command the Afrika Korps.

1941:Stream of successes against British 8th Army, and earned the name the “Desert Fox”. 1942: Captured Tobruk and drove the British right back to El Alamein but was defeated there by Montgomery’s 8th Army, the ” Desert Rats”. He then retreated to Tunisia. 1943:In March he was withdrawn from Africa – a sick man- at Mussolini’s insistence. Sent to Greece to reorganize defences against a non-existent assault by the Allies. A deception to draw forces from France to Greece. It succeeded and the First Panzer Division was transferred from France to Greece. 1944: Hitler appoints him commander of the channel defenses. July 17, 1944: Outside of Livarot, France he was gravely wounded by machine gun fire from a fighter-bomber piloted by South African air ace, Squadron leader J.J.Le Roux. This ended his role as commander of channel defences and conspirator in the plot against Hitler. He returned home. October 18, 1944:iven the choice of a public trial or to commit suicide for his condoning of the plot to assassinate Hitler. He commits suicide to preserve his estate.

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