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Men Will Be Men Essay Research Paper

Men Will Be Men Essay, Research Paper

Men will be Men

Ever since the beginning of time, man has been attracted to the female. The female is one of few things that can arouse a man to levels unimaginable. Men go to extremes to satisfy women both mentally and physically because of an instinct that makes women their first priority. These extremes include fancy, expensive items like shinny jewelry, new cars, and clothing that makes him look prosperous. He also presents himself with a well-mannered style while pronouncing his jargon clearly and smoothly. He makes sure that he is on top of his game as he tries to persuade the female to become interested in him. Occasionally, there may be a slight lie or two as he marinates his woman into someone significant to him. Also, women make men do things without thinking twice. When this occurs, there is an abstract bond being sent from the woman to take control of the male s mind. However, she is sometimes unaware of this. Some of these factors are presented within two short stories written by males. Sammy and the narrator, from A & P and I m a Fool respectively, are similar characters because they both go through the challenge of being a male that is seduced by a female s presence.

In John Updike s A & P , Sammy is unconsciously put under a female s control. He studies a group of girls in bathing suits walking up and down the aisle of his grocery store, and his eyes begin focusing on one of the girls. As with all males, he is now under her control because the beige bathing suit with the straps down and her captivating look dominates his mind and causes him not to think. The exotic appearance makes Sammy think of nothing but how to get close to her. He forgets that he is at work, and when he finally realizes where he is, he quits his job to run out and find her. She does not know she cast a spell upon him. An attractive women with a striking look can cause a man to give into any of his desires and put the important decisions behind.

I m a Fool , which is written by Sherwood Anderson, presents the narrator with a conflict due to being a male. He tells a lie to impress the young lady who he is very fond of; he does not want to show up as someone unimpressive since the ladies and gentleman were of importance. Because the narrator is a male, his first instinct is to lie from the start. He could not afford to lose his chance with her, but when he realizes that he is telling a lie, he becomes very ashamed of himself and knew that he cannot turn back. She heedlessly drove him to the point of lying because her soft dress and stunning

look overwhelmed him with warmth and joy. The narrator falls victim to his own fault because he is of the male gender. In addition, both Sammy and the narrator give up everything to be with that one special lady but end up with nothing at all. Sammy gives up his job to reunite with the young lady in the bathing suit. When he makes it outside, she is nowhere to be found. He not only loses her but also his job at the grocery store. This shows him not acting

responsible due to her feminine ways. Moreover, the narrator ends up without the lady. After lying and dishonoring himself, she still returns to the train for the final goodbye. This gives him the time to grieve over his mistake that she causes. Both Sammy and the narrator realize the mistakes they made due to not thinking correctly and sensibly with their female encounters.

Sammy and the narrator are male characters that come across hard times because of the women in their stories. The women are presented as attractive, determined young ladies, and these few characteristics can cause harm to the male s mind because these separate them from the rest of the girls. The ladies cause them pain and suffering by means of not allowing them to think during their short involvement with one another. This may be prevented if the males are not so easily influenced by the female gender.

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