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Power Of Clinton And Blair Essay Research

Power Of Clinton And Blair Essay, Research Paper

"We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing

it" . In co-operation President Clinton and Prime Minister Blair are

renowned for being capable and powerful politicians, be it through the media or

through the publics own perceptions this has been shown through high profile

world politics in which both men have had major roles. An example of this has

been with the Kosovan war in which both leaders joined together showing how

important their decisions were. Clinton and Blair have both proved their

abilities in gaining public support and retaining the approval given to them

from the majority in the form of power. Equally they have retained this power in

the face of austere media coverage, as with the Monica Lewinsky scandal

involving Clinton or being Blair at the present time. The roles of President and

Prime Minister have long been considered the highest positions of political

power that resides in America and Britain. However both draw on different

sources for their power and stability in these roles. It is for this reason that

the stability of these sources and the extent to which Clinton and Blair can

make independent changes must be accessed if we are to understand the

limitations of their power. Both Clinton and Blair have different power bases

from which to be judged. Ostensibly it is President Clinton who appears to have

the most significant power base as the political leader of one of the most

influential countries in the world. As a significant military power, America is

seen as a powerful ally in times of conflict. In addition to, as commander and

chief of a military superpower Clinton has reflected power with the ability to

represent America’s interests abroad with substantial force as with the Gulf

War, in this way Clinton can certainly be perceived to be more militarily

powerful than any other leader. America’s economic force is also an essential

factor in establishing the importance of Clinton’s decisions and ultimately his

power. With the economic strength to enforce trade sanctions and give out loans

to large countries such as Russia, Clinton can certainly be seen as economically

established. With the fall of Soviet Russia competition for world dominance has

decreased and America can be seen to stand alone as a superpower and as its

leader Clinton it can be argued is a super leader. Britain despite not being

seen in the same way economically or militarily still remains an important world

power. With A strong capitalist economy and a respected history of military

strength, Britain remains respected by other countries, as does its leader Tony

Blair. As a former empirical power Britain has retained important links with

large countries such Australia through the Commonwealth. Organisations such as

these show England to dominate in world politics. Britain has also although

somewhat reluctantly joined one of the most power trades organisations in the

world the European Union. The UK is also a member of Nato and combined with the

expertise of the British army can be considered to be a strong military force.

Because of Britain’s status in the world’s political forum Blair like Clinton

can be considered powerful as a leader of a moderately powerful country. While

America is more powerful its leader Clinton is more limited in the decisions he

can make on behalf of this superpower.

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