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Executive Branch Essay Research Paper President Woodrow

Executive Branch Essay, Research Paper

President Woodrow Wilson once said the President, ?….is at liberty in law and

conscience…. to be as big a man as he can.?, and some Presidents have at times tried to be

more powerful and bigger than what the Founding Fathers had intended. I believe that it

is virtually impossible to live up to what the Founding Fathers had intended and that there

are only a few of our Presidents who have actually lived up to that statement. This can be

looked at through the roles played be the President, the powers of the President, and

limits that have been placed or attempted to be placed on the President.

When the President is sworn in, he/she becomes the most powerful person in the

nation and some have even said the most powerful person in the world. With this power

comes several roles and duties. Most of his/her duties are imposed in the Constitution,

while some are just accepted responsibilities. The President has to be the Chief of State,

in that they are a symbol of all American people. All American people. A task that is

extremely difficult to accomplish because the President must show the entire world what

it is like to be an American. The President must also become the Chief Executive and run

the entire executive branch of the federal government. This means that the President is

the head of ?carrying out the law? of the United States. He also becomes The Chief

Executive Planner, which must try to keep the annual budget for the entire United States.

The President will also assume the role of Chief Diplomat, which must speak to hundreds

of foreign countries and be a spokesman for the rest of the world. The President also gets

the job of Commander in Chief. With this role the President has to rule over all of

America?s armed forces. With all of the previous roles as well as Chief legislator, Chief

of Party, and Chief citizen, the President is put in one the toughest spots that a person

could be placed in and more weight on his shoulders than anyone can in America. All of

these roles and duties he must execute them.

The President is given a huge amount of power and must exercise that power

several times over their stint as President. They are given power to do everything

(executive, military, diplomatic, legislative, and judicial). They are responsible to do all

of these and make them run efficiently. Their most important power is to execute the

law. It is almost almost unattainable to do this with the amount of powers that he is given

because they must look over the other powers as well. Given all this power, Congress

then tries to limit the powers of the President as well.

Congress imposes acts so the President will not be allowed to perform some of his

regular duties. As if his job wasn?t hard enough, he must deal with keeping his peace in

the White House. He has all of his duties to carry out and has to deal with another branch

of government infringing upon his own privileges. Some say he must get fewer fringe

benefits but his other jobs should allow them.

The hardest job in the United States is being the President, and seemingly it is

virtually impossible for one person to live up to what the Founding Fathers had asked for.

The duties and roles alone are enough to keep the President busy for a single term in

office. This is not factoring his powers that are given to him, which he must carry out on

a day-to-day basis. And yet still Congress bothers him by being given limits placed on

him. For one person to be able to accomplish all these in a four year term is amazing and

to be expected to do all these things by the American public and our Founding Fathers is



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