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Helpful Influences Essay Research Paper Helpful InfluencesHow

Helpful Influences Essay, Research Paper

Helpful Influences?

How has the modern day influence shape the social world? The social world today is stronger than ever. Many advances are occurring throughout the world, especially in science. Millionaires are more common than usual, surprisingly younger than ever. However, is the world really what it seems? In the short reading, Mass Culture and the Eclipse of Reason: The Implications for Pedagogy by Stanley Aronowitz, he describes the changes of society in communication and literacy from the influence of the modern day and technological advances. Through this short reading, Aronowitz argues his opinions about today?s society and how it should change.

Aronowitz argues how the world is a visual culture dependent on different forms of communication and literacy. Society is “unable to penetrate beyond the surfaces of things(?)that may not be visible to the senses” (Page466). In other words, he describes society to be lazy and unwilling to use critical thinking to understand and relate ideas in life, which in the long run may lead to a decline in the future. Aronowitz argues how the “American educational theory in the twentieth century(?)should be problem-centered rather than concept-centered” (Page468). He believes American schools are concerned more about students having fun rather than learning the practical application. From this, Aronowitz argues that the majority of students treat the classroom as a dream while making the parties, concerts, television, and other social activities the real world. Aronowitz degrades technological advances since its domination is “restricting the capacity of persons to produce their own culture” (Page468). Industrialized entertainment greatly influences people to act and live based on what the see and hear. Technology in the labor force is cutting the jobs for many people. Aronowitz right? First of all, society is not lazy. Today?s society is far more advanced from the knowledge learned that is applied with critical thinking. Second, the American educational theory is a plan to keep students in school. If American schools remain a place student?s dread, the dropout rate will never decrease. Third, technological advances help society the majority of the time through work and entertainment. However, are there a right and a wrong?

Aronowitz is argues that the world has become lazy and unwilling to use critical thinking. This is true for a certain percentage of society, but you have to keep in mind the other percentage that works at their full potential. The concept-centered school system is a great theory to get the attention and motivation of students. However, having too much fun in school will the defeat the purpose of attending class. It?s known that teens make the parties, concerts, and other events the real word. However through time and experience and as they age, the influence of the mass culture forces them to give up their belief of life and face reality. Technology does influence a society to live a certain life style. However this has always happened throughout history, just through some other form. It seems that technology is cutting the work force. However, it takes the same people to design and build the technology that replaces the lost jobs. Influences do shape society. They can be positive and negative. The fact is, not one person can control the change of society.