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Manners Exist Essay Research Paper Many people

Manners Exist Essay, Research Paper

Many people say that manners are on a decline. It is perceived that people are generally rude. I’m here to report that this is not true. In my two and a half years of experience in retail, I have met and dealt with hundreds of people. I have found that as long as you are courteous, trustful, and empathetic, people can’t help but reciprocate these feelings towards you

In my two and a half years at Kmart, I have learned many things about manners. I have worked in just about every area in the store and have helped many people. I use certain techniques to help them feel welcome and more comfortable while shopping. “Private companies offering goods and services for sale can’t survive if they go our of their way to alienate consumers. Buyers can always go elsewhere” (Chapman 168). For this reason, I always begin every conversation with a pleasant “Hello.” Also, I try to smile as much as I can. Moreover, I talk to the customer while helping them find their item, and I always end a transaction with a “Have a nice day.” Also, while talking to a customer, I make eye contact. “Look into the other person eyes. In American culture that signifies that you’re not lying” (Humphries). When they respond to me, I make sure not to interrupt them. “Interrupting should be avoided at all cost. One must let the individual finish his or her statement” (Humphries). These aren’t difficult things to do. In fact, they come naturally to most people. However, I do run into the so-called rude customer. These people are upset mostly for two reasons. Either they had a bad shopping experience last time they were in the store, or they are just having a bad day. I have realized that both are things that I can’t change. All I can do is help them.

When trust is lost, it is much easier for many people to be rude. If there had to be a spot in the store to be dubbed the rudest area, it would ironically be the Customer


Service desk. This is where people go to refund or exchange their items. I have found that people act differently when money is involved. If a person doesn’t get as much money back as they thought they should or a person isn’t allowed a refund at all, they go into shock. This shocks and sets off a lot of people into the world of rudeness. Then, the Customer Service associate begins to lose trust in customers. He or she feels like everybody if trying to rip him or her off. A person who used a stolen credit card ripped me once. I felt betrayed and dumb, but I realized that that was the only time that has happen in two and a half years. I made sure I didn’t lose any trust towards customers.

I am naturally an empathetic person. If I come across people who are upset, then I ask them if I can help them. Most people who are upset, want someone to vent on and someone to listen to them. As part of my job, I have to be a target for this sometimes. I find that I often use words like, “I can see why you are upset,” or “I understand.” If I can give them the feeling that somebody cares, then they are much less likely to be rude to me. Occasionally, somebody just can’t wait for whatever reason and need to be helped immediately. These people are perceived as rude, but in most cases, that they have a valid reason for being in a hurry.

People in general, have learned their manners and are polite. There have always been people who are rude or lacking of manners. In a fast paced society that we live in, it is easier to see people as rude, instead of seeing them as normal people having a bad day. In my vast experience in dealing with people at work, I have found that most all people are not rude. If treated with kindness, trust, and empathy, people will


treat others the same way. Maybe the people that complain about rudeness are actually the ones being rude in the first place.


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