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Independance Essay Research Paper IndependenceIt is frightening

Independance Essay, Research Paper


It is frightening to be alone and to have to fend for yourself and make your own choices. Sometimes though it is a good thing to think for yourself and to not let other people tell you what to do with your life. When you are independent you do what you really want to do and stop letting others influence your decisions. It may be harder to think for yourself, but it keeps your life your own. Being independent can be scary and challenging, but also helpful to your life.

Independence is a scary thing. Being independent means having to do things on your own without any help from anyone. For some people being on their own is a scary thought. We grow up with our parents taking care of us and watching out for us so we get used to not having to do everything on our own. When we move out on our own we have to buy our own food, pay our own rent, and take care of a lot of things that other people took care of for us when we were little. Some people can’t handle running their own lives and are always scared that they are making the wrong choices. They are scared to do things without someone holding their hand. Being in a group and making group decisions makes life easier sometimes. In a group you have other people who back up or share your ideas. Being on your own is a scary thing and some people can’t deal with it. In order to be independent you need to be able to function on your own and although it is scary it is well worth getting over your fear.

Having independence can be a challenging thing to do. It is a lot harder to do things for yourself than to let other people do things for you. It takes work to learn to be independent. When making decisions it is human nature to go to other people for advice. We as a society are so self-conscious and care about the opinions of other people more than we should. Being independent means stepping away from the group and becoming our own person. That can be hard to do when most of our lives we have tried to fit in and conform. Thinking for ourselves without being influenced by the people around us is a hard skill to learn. We have to step out of our comfort zones and express our own ideas and be independent thinkers. Independence is a hard thing to master, but in the end it’s all worth it.

A useful skill everyone needs in their lives is independence. It gives you a sense of freedom and lets you do what you want with your life. You can make up your own mind and aren’t restricted by what other people think. Independence is important if you ever plan to leave the comfort of your parents’ home and adventure out into the real world. You need to be able to think for yourself and make decisions that could completely change your life. It’s a helpful skill to master. The sooner you learn to think for yourself and make your own decisions the better off you’ll be. In life there are going to be many important decisions that you will have to make on your own. Being able to be independent now will help make those important decisions easier later in life. Independence will give you the freedom in life most people crave and the sooner you get it the better of you’ll be.

In order to live your life the way you want it with the freedom you desire you need independence. It may be hard to become completely independent and there may be some fears to overcome, but in the end the skill you get from it is priceless. Independence is a frightening and challenging thing, but it will benefit you later in life.