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Henry Ford 3 Essay Research Paper weIn

Henry Ford 3 Essay, Research Paper

weIn Henry Ford s book, My Life and Work, he clearly relays his opinion on how success can be achieved. His thoughts can also be tied into the success of Tiger Stadium in Detroit. Although, the book is not at all modern, the basis of his opinions can be applied to modern times. During the time this book was written Ford was observing a clear change in society s notion of success. He says, It is no longer a distinction to be rich. As a matter of fact, to be rich is no longer a common ambition. People do not care for money as money, as they once did… This idea helped develop his notion of success. He credits his business prosperity to a creed that is the basis of all (his) work. Ford was so confident in his ideas that he went on to say that it is perfectly impossible, applying these principles, to avoid making a much larger profit than if profit were the main object.

The creed that he sets is compiled into four main ideas. Summed up, the first idea stated that there is no disgrace in honest failure; there is disgrace in fearing to fail. Ford goes on in his second idea stating that it is criminal to try to get business away from another man…because one is then trying to lower for personal gain the condition of one s fellow-men, to rule by force instead of by intelligence. The third concept tells you to put service before profit. And the final idea states that Manufacturing is not buying low and selling high. It is the process of buying materials fairly and, with the smallest possible addition of cost… Basically, the way he sees it, if you work from the heart, without initial intentions of profit, then you will succeed. Combine that with good old-fashioned hard work and you have the perfect recipe for success. (Ford 27)

Tiger Stadium fits into Ford s theory of success very well. It has been standing on the corner of Michigan and Trumbull for over one hundred years, and it is always the sign of the first rush of summer. The stadium simply brings out the best in all people. The charismatic touch that the place gives people reinforces the idea of Fords notion of success. It gives the image that the stadium is working from the heart, hence the great success of the stadium. The product that Tiger stadium produces is very unique, and it s success is unmatched with any other stadium in the nation. A ballpark like Tiger Stadium makes people feel young again. People create lasting memories of who they were with to watch the game, the foul ball they caught, and the sights, sounds and smells of the stadium. People go to the games to the games to get away from all of the stresses that they encounter in everyday life.

Tiger Stadium s location is a very unattractive area in Detroit. The reputation of the area itself is not very good. Out of towners think of the area as being very dangerous and wouldn t dare walk around there during the night. However, when there is a ballgame to be played, up to fifty-three thousand people will fill the stadium up and throw out all of their fears. Tiger Stadium brings the city of Detroit together, and helps people feel proud of being from Detroit. The stadium itself can represent the hardwork aspect of Ford s notion of success. Even though it is the oldest ballpark in baseball, it has evolved into a modern day park. In 1896, it was a wooden structure called Bennett Park, built on the site of a haymarket. In 1912, they knocked Bennett Park down and they built Navin Field, named after the owner, Frank Navin. Over the passing years there were many construction additions to the park. New colors. New seats. New food plazas. This great baseball shrine clearly represents all the time, energy, and hardwork that was put into it. Fans get a warm feeling inside of them from the second they walk into the stadium. The blue walls, the green grass, and the blowing wind, make kids dream of one day rounding the bases like all of their great baseball heroes. These kinds of feelings make you forget all of your fears of being downtown and is a great success for baseball, and the city. (Albom C3)

Ford said that we must have production, but it is the spirit behind it that counts most. That spirit will ultimately decide the fate of a business. I believe that Tiger Stadium plays a very large role in the success of its product. Visiting the stadium truly makes people believe that the Tigers organization is putting service before profit, which is a key element in Ford s theory. However, it has not only succeed for the baseball club, it has also achieved a great amount for the city of Detroit, and the state of Michigan. (Ford 28)